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I'm the kind of person who tends to overthink things and likes to research anything that interests me. I also identify people by their personality and can see cause and effect in almost every situation. I use a more advanced vocabulary than most people, but I don't know how to spell a majority of the words. My interests include research, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medical practices, architecture, law, government, entrepreneurship, military, photograph, and philosophy. My hobbies include playing chess and other strategy games, video games (Pokemon, Minecraft, and other role-playing games), watching anime, and reading non-fiction books and occasionally science fiction. I have no occupation (as I'm to young to apply for any careers I'm looking for), but I'd be content with any careers in accordance with my interests.
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Is that Blizz and Vay in the header as eevees?
The egg that Vay has might be Nego.
@Pinkeevee222: Leafy, Sylvie and Glacey rules!
What does the alt text mean?
Happy Eevee Day!
@Guest: Dean.
Dusk is back, haven't seen him for a while.
Did anyone else notice that the thing in Oliver's ear started to glow red when he switched evil?
I think the eevees in the cage are Bolt (left), Blizz (middle), Flame (right), and Vay (lower middle).
@Blitz Striker: I think Dusk is at a Greenpaw meeting.
I think that the eevees in the header are Vay and Blizz when they were eevees.
The sky is just a wall?
Why does Oliver live in box 4, I thought they all lived in box 6?
Who's room are Vay and Eve in? If it's Vay's then Nego should be nearby.
@Lovespearaj: John is Dawn's twin and the guy under the bench is Jet.
I had found this on the master eevee list: "Fe(ju)+ Va(Ti) younger in comic". It was under side notes for Nego. "Fe" are the first two letters in Fern's name and "Va" are the first two letters in Vay's name.
@pokemonrules!!!!: I already know that sora means sky in Japanese, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Sora and Sky are the same character.
@Eternal-Echosoul: Sky is an espeon. Also, Night may somehow be related to Sora.
Wait a minute, the mystery eevee looks like the eevee from the "Eevee Day 2014" picture! The one next to Vay.