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Well, I mean, obviously my real name isn't Orange Carnation, but it certainly is a nice pen name.
guess i'm sort of back now...?
deciding to just do away with schedule until things get more stable. for now, pages will go up as i finish them. sorry for the wait
and now the news
1. there's gonna be a short hiatus before the next chapter again as i'm gonna actually.. start scripting now instead of just slapping together the thumbnail? right away, for various reasons
2. gone's skin color is going to change slightly bc i realized while coloring this chapter something felt off abt it but it would probably look awkward to change mid-chapter
3. i did give the girl at the counter an actual name at some point but i forgot what it was lol
yea h
got some news i'm adding to the bonus page's comment hang on
this guy is probably one of my favorite a&g characters to draw actually like nat is absolutely my top fave oc to draw in general but liam is up there...
SPACE space i love her i'm so glad i finally got around to her
i'm late again but at least there's halloween updates two years in a row
here she comes my favorite part of gone's intro arc
here she comes here comes my favorite part of gone's intro arc
now we are getting.. to the good part
DON'T worry i'm gonna start actually writing out scripts for this stuff next chapter i don't.. like how much past me did this joke.. it was funny maybe once
it's been over two years since i've started this comic and finally. finally this costume actually appears. do you know how much i like this design? even after all this time? i'm so happy. fuck
happy bday to me here's a late page
i did the lineart & such for this chapter a while back and only just now am i coloring & posting and wow............ i pushed this joke too much huh
here's hoping i remember to color another page in time for next week.. yeehaw
i'm running low on pages but since i'm in the ged program this year my school days are half length please remind me to finish color this chapter thank you comments will give me an email or you can just break into my home and make me do it it's fine you can pet my cats while you're here i got a tiny tin of danish butter cookies but the stack of pretzel shaped ones ended up being another stack of those swirly circle ones
school starts so be prepared for no expectations
i forgot
i was thinking of many other things and forgot to schedule this week's update hello
i have no idea how i came up with good comments before i'm just scheduling while i wait for food
shjurhtjhj hi
i will give you $20 to take my ovaries away from me these bad boys were making me forget to schedule this until the last second !
there she is
this chapter will have some finishing up helen's Intro Arc while simultaneously starting the gone intro arc so if you're somehow tired of my sweet girl already then worry not.........