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Russel,don't let the darkness take you, Brynn is going to be fine. Brynn can't die this early he will be okay, I can only imagine the memories this is going to dredge up, or the nightmares this is going to cause. I have caught up on many pages today, on a very slow connection. There have been Brynn feels, Arco feels, Russel feels, and even a few Oscar feels thrown in. If I had to read all these pages when they came out I probably would have lost it with suspense. This is not the way their lips should have met for the first time, but hey it could lead to the classic "did some one kiss me" scene. I should have a stable internet connection soon, we dropped the old company and their stupid connection problem, but this scene will probably be over and done with by the time I come back. I have so many comics to catch up on and not enough time. But Arco and TME were a few that took priority, sorry for all the comments all at once.
If Brynn's wasn't soaking wet he might look like he was asleep, peaceful sleep. I think everyone is going to need a sedative when this is all over to help them calm down a bit. Arco can't loose Brynn when he is just starting to admit his feelings, Russel can't loose another friend to the ocean (assuming that is how the other guy died) and Oscar loosing a student he is suppose to be watching over would haunt him for years. I know it would take Russel longer to get back after getting Brynn but I think Arco must have broken a personal record getting back to shore. Maybe we will get the mouth to mouth scene with Arco after all. Either way Arco is getting to Brynn and no one can stop him.
Oscar must feel like shit now when it comes to Brynn. This may be a horrible situation but it will definitely dredge up a few feeling in everyone and that can only bring them closer. I hope Emily is a little nicer to Brynn after this and I think Oscar needs a vacation. If it wasn't for the drowning aspect some of theses underwater scenes could be so peaceful. I love the little Arco head bobbing in the background, no doubt he is swimming faster than he ever has before to get to them. Now I am just imagining Brynn waking up in a hospital bed with Arco asleep in the chair next to him and he wakes up and starts talking too fast for Brynn to understand saying he is sorry and asking if he is okay.
I just hope the surfboard doesn't get pulled away while they are underwater, it is a helpful part of this rescue. Arco must feel horrible, having to watch from a distance while Russel saves Brynn and he is too far away to help. Brynn may be the one in danger but he isn't the only one being hurt by this incident. Dive Russel, Dive,and save your friend, you can't loose another one to the ocean.
Even though we know Arco won't be the one getting there first it is nice to see that Brynn has more people caring for him than he thought. Two friends, he better start a list. It is also nice to see Russel in a more serious light, just because he is a lost puppy doesn't mean he can't also be the one to handle trouble. when it arises. Everyone is showing a bit of themselves these last few pages, layers upon layers of character.
I am wondering if those "don't panic" 's are for both him and Brynn, hoping Brynn wouldn't panic (even though he is) and reminding himself not to jump in to the situation to soon. Obviously he isn't going to be the one saving Brynn, Russel is much closer and already on his way but it must suck, having to sit there and watch, wanting to save him, but knowing someone else will have too. Although, Brynn is still conscious it seems,so he might just be able to save himself here if he can calm down for a moment. If not, we know Russel is well on his way,sit tight, help is coming on a red surfboard.
If it wasn't for the fact that he is currently drowning the middle panel would be a really peaceful shot. Floating alone in the ocean, but he is in danger so it is beautiful and bad at the same time. I really hope this isn't going to give Russel some flashbacks, but it probably will. Arco may not realize what has happened just yet but I hope that when he does it helps him to come to terms with how much Brynn really means to him. The fear of loosing someone can be a real eyeopener and even though this incident may be bad in the short term it will probably have some long term benefits. Now someone pull the Crouton to safety, he no doubt took on some water when the wave hit and is need of some serious assistance.
Don't be too hard on Oscar, he doesn't know of the croutons limited swimming abilities, but the finger still seems a little deserved. Russel to the rescue, he isn't about to lose one of his new friends, especially with the indications that he had to watch a friend die in the past. The question now is, will Russel get to Brynn before he has passed out or not? Brynn is definitely getting a mouthful of water in a moment so Russel better paddle fast.
Russel senses a disturbance in his waters. His connection to the deep blue is sending him a warning that Brynn is going to be swallowed up. If something does happen soon Russel would be closer and might be the one to save him. At least we know he will be okay,a little waterlogged but with these two watching out for him he isn't going to drown anytime soon.
Is this really a case of Brynn not knowing how to swim or is he just doubting himself. It is like the times when you think you know how to do something but then you see someone else do it so easily or so much better than you, in this case Arco, and suddenly you feel like you are nothing next to them. At least we all know Arco is a strong enough swimmer to save him if anything goes wrong and of course the whole mouth to mouth scene everyone is rooting for. But, will this set them back in the program, will Brynn be holding Arco back until he learns how to swim better? On the bright side, at least they will get to spend more quality time together training. Arco gets to Brynn into shape.
This is a very well done time shift,or time skip,or montage, whichever term you prefer. Oh Brynn, everyone knows the moment you tell someone else that something isn't working it suddenly works again. No Arco, you always must help him into the very tight suit it is a mandatory friend thing. Brynn looks a little worried about the swimming physical, I hope that isn't what leads to him coughing up water. At least we know Arco will be close by to help him out if he gets in trouble.
I think anyone would have a hard time focusing if an attractive man twice their size had his hands all over them and was constantly in a state of undress. I love how Russel is just sitting there in the water like a little puppy following his new owners around. I hope Brynn isn't going to have an accident, we do still have that scene of him lying on the beach coughing up water to look forward too. Unless the chapter page was more of a metaphor for drowning in emotion, but the other were pretty straight forward so Arco better watch the crouton. He better not drown on his watch,although it would lead to a little mouth to mouth. Make things more complicated but also might help them open up to each other.
Don't worry Brynn,your hearts not broken just a little crack and it can be and will be mended in the future. The ever present struggle of falling for a friend. Keep your feelings in and live with a small trickle of happiness from them like a dying man getting just enough water to live. Or Take the chance of jumping in head first not knowing if it will work out or ruin the friendship like the man jumping in a pool with his eyes closed, not knowing if the pool is empty or full. At least Brynn knows he can get through this as long as he hasn't ruined what little he has now. Don't worry Brynn, the benefit of falling so far is that there is not much to do but climb back up and get better. It seems we will have to wait to see what is in the envelope, hopefully nothing bad, but if it is at least he knows he still has a friend to turn to.
At least Arco is being honest with himself, if you can't or won't be honest with others you have to at least be honest with yourself. The first step is admitting your feelings, now he can move forward from here,even if he moves at a snails pace. Sad Russel, don't worry your friends are coming back, and since he used the plural, is he considering Brynn a friend now or is this just typical Russel calling everyone a friend?
Oscar is definitely a victim of "wrong place wrong time" any other time he probably would have just gotten an evil glare of a small quip but Brynn is ready to tear down anything in his way right now. I just hope the mail is something unimportant, because if it is a letter from a parent or it would just make a bad situation worse. Hopefully it isn't an acceptance letter from the program he was told he hadn't gotten in to, that would just be a punch to the gut right now. Now dry your eyes little crouton and get back to the beach, things may be tough right now but seeing Arco shirtless might help with that, but would also probably make things a little worse latter. Oh well, on step at a time.
If Brynn doesn't stop soon he will get soggy. Don't worry Arco, he is fine when it comes to you,or at least his is much better off than what is really bothering him deep down underneath it all. The crouton has layers of crunchiness going back for years no doubt, you are a good thing in his life right now and he is probably a little relieved that he didn't screw everything up already. Hopefully Arco,adorable oblivious Arco, will realize his feeling go way beyond friendship and can come to accept them before to long, we have a lot of emotional digging to do and this program won't last forever.
He could either get off with an awkward whit lie and be filed away as a friend for a while or he could jump right in with his budding feelings. The first is much more likely, and the second won't be leading anywhere fast, only awkwardness for a short time. It would be way to simple if they both just spilled their guts, and we all know that young people with confused feeling do anything they can to avoid simple so I am preparing myself for a long and hopefully not never ending cycle of attempts to keep their feelings hidden and their friendship intact.
Brynn in a onsie is definitely awesome. The only thing better would be Brynn in a none-sie. His favorite song in the background as they do inappropriate things together. Although, it would be hilarious if they had a sex playlist,but something got put on their that should't be, and halfway through a ridiculous song comes on and they laugh so hard they fall out of bed. " So how did you get injured." -sideways glance at one another- " bad musical timing."
Not as much blushing as I had hoped but three cheers for an honest crouton. Honesty is not always the best policy but it is usually the best one. Open your eyes Brynn, he didn't stop you because he has feelings. Confusing one but they are still there. I hope Arco doesn't let that best friends comment slide. It isn't surprising he hasn't had many friends but still.
I hope this talk continues, they both seem to be balancing on the edge of telling each other how they feel but being afraid it might all fall apart. Talk to one another, communication is key. Things may turn out a lot better than you two think. Even if it is a little awkward at first.
Sorry for a whole bunch of comments at once. I have been having internet problems. It is kind of awkward trying to read comics in a library when you aren't sure if a naked body will pop up on the screen. So far so good, no awkward nudity. Only awkward boys, so adorably awkward.
The other shoes has been dropped. It is about to get awkward in here. Or it will get adorable, with a lot of blushing and denying of feelings. I hope they take both routes.Lots of blushing and denying but still talking about it. May the truth come out,or will they continue in awkward sexual tension-ed silence another day?