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I can't draw, but can appreciate other's work.
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@OujaAkuma: You made my day.
I do not hate Cole ! His scarecrow just came to life, I understand it is hard for him to process and be nice.
Have a good rest ! Enjoy your Summer.
@YolkenEgg: I'm dying laughing at your comment x) you're so right. Kim ! You're the D ! Don't be silly boy !
Yes I like the portraits getting out of the borders ! That's what you talked about ? Btw the art has always been brilliant here !
Hello ! I was drawn to your comic by your profile picture :)
I like your art style and I already like this cute scarecrow : I'm waiting for the next episodes now !
I like that I changed my mind about Martin and find him quite nice now !
Wil is truly handsome on the last panel.
@Truefan108: I don't think it's completely catastrophic. Obviously Louis loves Daniel. Maybe he has not worked on himself to get completely rid of his past feelings, but he can do it ! It does not mean they have to break up or anything ! (Am I right ?)
Switching sides is okay. It's so happy I cried (I might be sensitive). Thanks for so much happiness !
Book 2 is coming. I can't believe it.
I hope you did not have troubles with smackjeeves. I personally don't mind to follow you on another website.
It's so... happy-birthdaying. This atmosphere gives me smile.
I have a special feeling with the first panel.
@Tatooine47: I hope you (and she) will realize that it's not your fault if the results are not as high as the efforts you put in. You deserve admiration if you work hard, not only if you succeed.

The Queen is frightful ! Even when she acts kindly she makes sure it is understood that she is the mistress of the slaves. It must be dreadful to be her slave. I might be biaised by "The Slaves", but errrr... She's despicable, isn't she ? Or just too much power-imbued. (Hope your mother's more gentle !) ^^'
insert harp music
I'm still a great fan of your artstyle. And I love the way you develop your fictionary universe and characters. The queen freakens me ! So impressive !
@Huntik13: *dead Mike* "Oooops I guess I should have told him..."
I laughed and loved.
I do not always take time to leave a comment, but I look at all the updates with joy and interest. I still find the story very interesting, I love Louis and Daniel and their relationship. I hope Louis' relation to his father is going to improve, but this scene show how and why it is complicated. The father should not talk like this I think, but it is perceptible there is a problem of communication here.
Thank you for uploading the whole scene, it is stronger in emotion this way !
Oooooh so this is it ? I was not expecting to see an end to this series anytime... I will read again if I miss these cuties !
Thank you for sharing, and I will give a look to your other projects.
I'm patiently waiting !
*patiently waiting*