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I can't draw, but can appreciate other's work.
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When you're fan of someone unfamous...
It's cute, btw.
Nothing cooler than people who cares. It was so beautiful... :p
An idea ? Some topping maybe ? ^^'
(Recycling is eco-friendly... And the panel is so cute !)
@riverside: You're so right !
Peaceful and heartwarming. Cuddling.
I like the last but one panel, there is much complicity in it ! (Also you pay attention to every details, you see that it was after some sun exposition !)
I'm so relieved ! They managed not to break up, they did, Dylan is the best. And Joa is nice to let Dylan help. They are perfect.
It may happen that your love try to break up with you, and you have to collect your courage not to let this happen so easily. Nice reaction from Dylan. Also this page is very good, the second panel is strongly emotional.
I thought about that kind of scene when I saw the title, but thought that I was perhaps wrong. Well, I wasn't, and it is quite new from you, and cool as always. I wonder in which way there will be a "new way"... Uhuh. (I struggle a lot to write in English, but I appreciate so much reading you - and your comments are also very humorous. Thank you for sharing !)
I do like it ! There's some peaceful atmosphere.
The face he makes in the last but one panel... *giggle*
Take care of yourself !
Ahah I was waiting for it ! I like these epsodes that follow others in a continuous storyline !
Crying usually makes you look terrible, but that's especially true when you cry blood all over your face...
Is some drama coming ? Or will these two boys know how to find a happy way out of this situation... ?
Cute. Angrily cute.
@Alecshar: After a quick wikipedia search, I've learnt something today ! Thanks !
I do not even understand what the object is. But I like your comics, reading this is peaceful and warm and I like this.
There is a feeling of relief. I like how he closes his eyes. It's... beautiful.
@00Stevo: Oooooh I loved Nichijou but I had not realised the similarity by myelf.
Truly aaaw. A bit silly, completely cute, that's love.