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I can't draw, but can appreciate other's work.
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Someone is going to be jealous !
Some relativism here, yeah. (Ooooh could he be disappointed ?)
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October 11th, 2017
I can figure it out, I can figure it out. Wait no I can't. Is there some sort of spying device involved here ?
October 11th, 2017
Some wise words here. And they might apply even before the end of world.
See you soon ! You have deserved some rest. I think the new structure could be nice, let's try it !
Ooooooh. :o
I like the universe. Slavery's not okay of course, but it catches my curiousity.
(Of course they're beautiful ! YOU drew them. ^^')
*rise her hand*
YES I do look forward to more episodes !
Beautiful panel. It reminds me of "The slaves". I had loved that comic so much, maybe Grey eyes will shed a new light on it ?
It seems like her optimism and joy are not inherited.
But did Cho-san also notice ? :o
The way they look at each other... It's love and it's beautiful (AF ! uhuhuh)
Well, Paul had asked for it, hadn't he ?
Kinda suspensful, isn't it ?
I laughed.
So sweet !
I have the feeling that Wes is far less naive than what he looks like, and that he exactly knows what he's doing... Gg boy !
I love that guy. Weirdest principal ever.
@Ian Evans: I'm totally for the pizza guy ! +1

(So I just return from vacations and... SO many updates ! So cool.)
I totally agree, it was nice to read again some of the episodes. It's a sweet simple story and I like it. And I like lazy people so that's okay if I have to wait for new episodes. I'll read them !
Someone got it, right ? This man's a good friend ! Are you gonna realize that, Paul ?

Still an amazing art.