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I can't draw, but can appreciate other's work.
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Hey ! I'm from France, have no idea about what a OTP is and know much too little about movies to speak about actors (I do watch movies actually but I do not pa attention to actors and their names).

But a nice grumpy would fit.
Therefore my ability to make loud disturbing noises is a supapowa. Neat !
@Guest: That's why I appreciate. He thinks about Dylan's life before thinking of anything else (well mind controlling might help though).
@pongldr: I know but sshhh ! I try to encourage the girl to think she's succeeded! (And I wanted to underline such a cool fact by incorporating it naturally in a comment but you ruined my effort... Well, if I failed to be delicate, I can just shout CONGRATULATION YOU DESERVE IT !)

(I do struggle to express myself in English so I fear it can be hard to understand me, sorryyyy.)
And so this got a spotlight. Niiiiiice.
Ohoh ! Some action is to be expected, right? :D
Pet-parenting done right I guess ? x)
I recognized Starcraft ! /o/
@pongldr: I would like to know her secret technique! ^^'
What does it even mean ? I think I must broaden my mind.
Hiiiii ! o/
No witness ? May I doubt it ! x)
Such a behaviour. I like that.
I personaly only pick up the unfinished desserts from others' plates at the cafeteria. I have no manners.
Oh yes I might like it.
I should be busy. I identify completely !
I think you are brave if you are fighting depression, and I'm glad if the comic halps you to do so.

This comic is important to me too because it always make me smile for silly reasons (and it's very important to regularly smile for silly reasons I think) so of course I'm sticking.

This cover page is nicely detailed, colored and well-finished, I like it !
Nice !
Someone is going to be jealous !
Some relativism here, yeah. (Ooooh could he be disappointed ?)
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October 11th, 2017
I can figure it out, I can figure it out. Wait no I can't. Is there some sort of spying device involved here ?
October 11th, 2017
Some wise words here. And they might apply even before the end of world.
See you soon ! You have deserved some rest. I think the new structure could be nice, let's try it !
Ooooooh. :o
I like the universe. Slavery's not okay of course, but it catches my curiousity.
(Of course they're beautiful ! YOU drew them. ^^')