I can't draw, but can appreciate other's work.
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If you can be too itchy to save the world, I guess that makes any excuse acceptable. Ahahah !
@pongldr: This episode is good ! You still makes me laugh, thank you for drawing new episodes despite your current lack of motivation. I appreciate them ! (and I hope you to find motivation again...)
I like these visions of the town.
Also, I read your FB post : good luck with your career, and I hope you still find time for yourself (put it above DOE if you need to, you do not owe anything to us).
New character incoming ? Or is that friend of Paul (is he talking to a friend btw ?) of no importance ?

Still in love with the art.
So much fun ! I like the enthusiastic attitude !
I guess she hesitates when it comes to going to school in undies.
Well, I do not usually comment but today I want to say that I am fond of this story. The art is amazing (as always) and the story intrigues me ! I want to know more about the characters, and what will happen !
I thought that Autophobia had come to its end at the end of the last chapter. I'm very happy to see that I was wrong ! I'm very curious about the next adventures to come. Thank you for sharing your marvellous art and story.
Absolutely barbaric.
I'm in love with the comics. The art is amazing and I like the characters and their stories. It is always very nice to see an update !
I like it. There is some poetry in it. And humor as always.
Terribly fun ! Not a very good studying advice, though.
And suddently appears a surprise cock ! x)
Ooooooh ! I think I know a game like that. There's also the crocodile whose mouth can close if you press the wrong tooth ! But no risk of any projectile in this case. Happy Sunday to all of them. ; )
Oooh, thanks for your explanations. The situation is less awkward than I had thought ! I had in mind his girl costume... x)
Is -chan only for girls ? (yes, I am a complete ignorant about mangas and Japan)
Aaaww... :3
I'm glad Cho-san liked the show, by the way. Could we see it too ? :p
Thank YOU. See you on the other stories !