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Pokemon, reading Pokemon nuzlocke comics
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It is
Probably in adeleine's hand writing
Mind control
Sera + adeleine = murder
But why would adeleine kill someone mind control, Sera made her kill leona.
Such chapter intro many wow
Yeah I agree with blizzard
There would be a stab wound on the body if she stabed the victim
White Brother is a JERK!!!
Sorry but he just shouldn't be that mean and will Nina actually be a desentedant of the black dragon kings son... Just a headcannon theory.

P.s. For anyone who doesn't know about what headcannon is then think of it as something that you make up in your head about something inperticular such as MOU or pokemon in general.
Can one of the mission requesters join the team.
Why Augest 3rd
Why not story development or character development or something that relates to the story plot at all.
Maybe he is... Or he is just really shy.
Something that I'm not normally is lost for words but I'm stumped and lost for words it is AMAZING said everybody reading this comic.
That is his tail he makes a clone of his tail end and uses that.
Rain or Tetter dance
Both would make sense right
@Kurona: Um this is a Gen 5 (Unvoa) game not a Gen 6 (Kalos/OrAs) game so fairy type was not a thing so of course there is not going to be a fairy type.
This is ... ... ... AMAZING
I mean that this is probably the single most best comic that I have read (keep in mind that I have not read that many comics) but still it is AMAZING.
Good to see that you are getting better then.
Frank is part fairy.
The Shinx is part Ice.
Who next the Snivy being part ghost
Betty ???
Okay maybe he is insane or he has a pet butterfly named Betty.
Sorry but
IS THAT A DRAGONITE OR A SALAMANCE and nice sutble drop of a dragon in the background with the name
Maybe if you are
@Erdan: Add a Fighting, Flying or Poison type please.