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I've been a little ill for the past few days, and so comics are going to be a little short and a little weird until I get better.
@RinTuon: Nope. Just give it a bit. The books are in the mail.
@BillBoBagins: Books were shipped out recently. Give it a bit.
@terderrer: Max: Barbarian
Cricket: Paladin
Bee: Rogue
Vanitas: Necromancy Wizard
Calixta: Cleric
The Nevershould: Evocation Wizard
@Title Lyrics (for some reason): Not the one I was thinking of.
@Killsoty: I tend to draw hands kind of big because I like how expressive they are. Sometimes I go too far. I'm trying to keep this in mind more often.
@Guest: Florida's got cougars, man. Not many left, but we do have giant swamp cats.