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@Guest: Ding-dong. Both Hashim and Salma are not religious, but they were raised religious, and so they still practice some things for cultural and habitual reasons.
@Candy2021: Yeah, Hiroko paints her nails white.
@Guest: That is correct. Izzy got kidnapped by Ashley, stalked by the DA Mars, and had to deal with the malevolent Captain Dolphin.
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No comic tomorrow, as I have to do some stuff. Comics resume Thursday, and there will be a comic on Saturday unlike normal.
@...: Nothing presently. I'd like to return to it some day, but not any time soon, and not in that form. I'm proud of myself for doing it, but that version of the story is very flawed. When I do get back around to it, it will be very different.
@Gears: Yes, looked better that way, not necessarily.
@Dragongirl101: In the last comic it should've been a blue guy, considering what they're doing. By the time I realized my mistake the comic was mostly done and I didn't feel like fixing it. Just assume they brought along one police MP for fun.