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@Guest: Every time you see some rando in the background making a weird face, that is me.
No comic tomorrow on account of valen times.
@Karma Kay: I get notifications whenever someone leaves a comment. It's always gratifying to watch someone work their way through the archives.
@Guest: Ennui GO! is a gag comic. The story bits are the exception.
@Guest: Nothing besides books really. Merch is pretty prohibitively expensive to do if you're just one person. Things like tshirts just sit around in big piles since you've got to order them in huge supply otherwise they're ludicrously expensive.

I mean, if a company like TopatoCo offered to handle merch FOR me, that'd be another story entirely though.
@Alfetroz: I guess it doesn't matter, if you're using it for an avatar image or whatever. If you do get fanart done of her I'd like to see it.
@Guest: I *was* doing story. People complained. So it's back to gags for a while.
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I have an engagement tomorrow, so there's a strip today instead of tomorrow. The NSFW strip will be on monday.