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Haha, finally made an account.
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OH SO LUCKY! <3 Woots! I was wondering if there had been any live streams, it's been a while since i've been able to be on the site in general! I miss this place dearly!
D: I Finally caught up!
YES! I am loving this so far. Also It's been a while since i last commented! Keep up the awesome work Maddie and I am loving Arco so far and can't wait to see where this one goes. <3 Stay awesome!
@raikua: Right? Love the comic so far! Keep it up Love! <3
@raikua: Yes.. Delicious war.. using their penises as WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! <3
YAY updates! I love it when updates happen in this comic.. It's like i am having a spiritual awakening! :D Love it as always, Keep up the awesome work, Dokuwa! <3
I can definatley dedicate the song "Hot for teacher" for this.. Teacher MVP!
:3 Loving the comic so far, hun! Keep it up. hehe.
Not true, Alcohol is helping us just nicely.. :D This page, that body.. I've been slain!
Yes, Finish that wine.. because you'll need it! xD Loving this comic so much!
Yes.. get a sweet taste, Adam. You'll need it ;)
Omg I just stumbled upon this DX I LOVE IT!
>.< Oh sweet howie, How I love you. This comic.. is so good! Dx Keep up the awesome work Kim!
OMG CARTER! NO! GO BACK AND GET YOUR MAN! DX Seriously loving this though x.x Awesome job so far Dokuwa, Favorited. <3
I like where this is going.. :3
I fully agree with Raikua! totally stoked to see where this goes
:3 I love it so far.. Keep it up, lady! <3
D: The chibi's are too damn adorable Dx <3