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I like stories.
I have a good 10-15 stickies worth of comics I'm currently reading.
Hopefully I'll finish writing a novel soon, and maybe try seeing if I could write in comic format.
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Is it possible for groups to infringe on other's tropes?
The use of the word tithe makes me think of "the good neighbors" and I'm wondering if any of those tropes could start inflicting the vamps with interesting storylines.
Being forced to grab a guy from the surrounding villages every solstice to test a couple's love sounds like it wouldn't exactly be a hit with this group.
Thank you
Thank you for responding to my comment.
After you said what they were supposed to say, I discovered that I had been translating them from the wrong Futhark.
I didn't know that there was a Medieval variant.
The thing that messed me up was that I couldn't see the dots inside "P." Thank you also for helping me figure out how to type runic on my computer, I didn't know how to use Unicode before this.
ᛔᚱᛂᛋᛂᚱᚡ&a mp;#5826;
I look forward to seeing what other kinds of spells we'll be seeing as this comic continues.
Rune Spell's meaning
Hi, I really like your comic.
I'm really curious about how you made the spell for the bookshelves, cause I tried reading it and I got, "BRNSNRFN."
It it supposed to just be a fictional spell, or is it something you'd put on your own bookshelves?
I like studying magic, so I was curious about how you go about planning spells in your work.