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What exactly is the function of a rubber duck
what do you think meat is drew if not "flesh"?
Are the feathers on the back of his neck new? And are there feathers on his shoulders or is that sweat?
Brynn you just destroyed your cello. How are you going to get into music school?
If your landlord says no just do what my flatmates and I are doing and have a secret kitten, we have to take it for walks on inspection days
Dick Grayson hahaha
January 27th, 2017
Waitaminute is that Daniel and Louis?
Vanilla ice
That is the best song
Wait they're British?
Are they about to do it?

Bryn I don't think that's a very good idea
Things are gonna get steamy~
Do not suggest showering together. Its too early in your relationship for that
Oh my God Bryn! Was the end of that sentence "daddy"
Im kinkshaming
I just realised Arco is an anagram of Orca
I have a new ot3
No Russ, don't say that!!
Bryn is a smol bean
Is that a saddle hes holding?
(he must be ridiculously strong or western saddles are a lot lighter than British saddles cause I've never seen anyone carry a saddle like that)
I've been wondering this for some time now but for your banner did you base arcos and bryns looks off any one like a celebrity or something? It's just arcos face looks very familiar but I have no idea why