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I like art :), playing games, reading, film and dancing :)

I like drinking tea and eating jelly beans
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    Louisa Brooks
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This punch line is a joke by my best friend Michelle Siddall, she designed the emos and everythin :D.

And for the record, I love my chemical romance.
This is really cool! Great work!
Omg i hate my job. The work is unsatisfying and unnaprecciated and the pay is dispicable. It's a company built on labour. Oh how much hard work it must be for all those in head office having to tire their little feet having business meals and making phonecalls. And all they get is a huggge annual pay.

Anyway, I love the people i work with, thus the inspiration they gave me to do a comic about our evening chores which we do when all the customers have finally buggered off.

This is random but so am I, so there we go :)
which is your favourite boob? XD
i have nothing against Enrique, i actually love him, "I can be your heroo babeh!!" why did he feel the need for plastic surgery, why??

ugh, i'm so hungry.
haha ive never been so excited to see one page!! its so addictive!! XD
i want that lamp! :p