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A story about space
Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! We're back! At least for now! Finals are coming up so all we can do is hope for regular updates for a few weeks
Sorry for the weird update schedule schools been super busy. It will hopefully get better around december.
Oh my gosh! These two are killing me they're so cute!!

This is also proof to myself that I can handle multiple updates per week, so come chapter 3, we may be looking at Mondays and Thursdays!
About page 34
For anyone reading this, especially those who read it before and are wondering what happened to page 34, I deleted it because I felt it was out of place, and decided instead to put the events on that page in chapter 3. SO LONG STORY SHORT PRETEND PAGE 34 NEVER HAPPENED.
Hopefully this will be the only time something like this ever happens.
Woo! We're soooo close to the end of chapter 2 I can taste it. Just like, 7 more pages to go I think.

Also sorry for the lack of update last week! I had a busy week! BUT this week will be a double update week!!!! So there'll be a new page thursday!!! YAY!!
Ah yes. The customary post nightmare cookie. The best way to start the day. Folgers ain't got nothing on this.

Its really cute :3 Cant wait for more!
The story of a girl, a portal gun, a necklace, and a zany space adventure.

It's the story of a 12 year old girl trying to make sense of her life after the corrupt government of her home planet decides to peg her as the #1 most wanted criminal. It's also the story of her brothers journey across the galaxy with some goofy renegades in an attempt to reunite with her despite his sisters fears of getting him hurt. And there's at least 1 dog.

Updates Mondays!
@QueenCelina33 Thank you! We'll try our best!
Sorry it's a little late, I had a busy weekend! Enjoy!
I love the bunny man! Cute tie cute glasses cute bunny! A good bun!
Hype!! Londa deserves a story! I can't wait!
AND WE'RE BACK FROM OUR MINI HIATUS!!! YAY!!! Have a six year old trying to punch a 17 year old.
Hey, I got the page done sooner than I expected. Sorry it was a little late!
alright! I'm back from vacation!
HOWDY! I'm going out of town for two weeks, but the comic will still update. Bye! See you in two weeks!

The story of a girl, a portal gun, a necklace, and a zany space adventure. Follow Lanie, a 12 year old girl wanted for a terrible crime, on her journey across the galaxy, as she runs from the corrupt government of her home planet.

Updates Mondays
Characters colored by Frooshti this week!