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I hope I'm doing this comic thing right.
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Hey, I got the page done sooner than I expected. Sorry it was a little late!
alright! I'm back from vacation!
HOWDY! I'm going out of town for two weeks, but the comic will still update. Bye! See you in two weeks!

The story of a girl, a portal gun, a necklace, and a zany space adventure. Follow Lanie, a 12 year old girl wanted for a terrible crime, on her journey across the galaxy, as she runs from the corrupt government of her home planet.

Updates Mondays
Characters colored by Frooshti this week!
Sorry Update is a little late. FINALS MAN.
Just a note, this takes place the day after Lanie runs away in chapter 1.
Alright! Here we go with chapter 2, starring Jeff the Dog and Kevin the Human.
A little in-between comic I did about the characters off set. Jeff who?
Litwaks returns next Monday!
This page really should have come earlier, but it kind of got missed, so I wrote it in at the end. Anyway, this completes chapter 1. WOOHOO!

Hiatus time! I need to take a break and work on the plot. Chapter 2 will resume May 1st! See you then!
So, I switched art programs, because the old one kinda sucked. Behold!!! Art Shift!!!
Excuse the akward chair, this page was a bit rushed.
Forgive my lack of wall drawing skills.
Happy Monday folks! I apologize for my akward fence drawing.
Happy Monday folks!
Hope you all had a good weekend!
Today I present: Characters that you wont see again for a while
You tell him Alice!( Then kiss him Alice.)
I felt something was missing on the last page, so I added an inbetweener. The next page will be a revised version of the old page.
Hopefully we can return to regular updates come the end of this semester, but we'll see.