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okay, sorry for the delay. Tea and I just finished finals!
Hey! Sorry for that hiatus! A lot of stuff went down in the past month, but hopefully we're back to semi-regular updates for now.
I changed last weeks page to full color.
I wasn't satisfied with the muted colors so I changed it, just FYI.
Alrighty! And we're back! This round Tea is drawing the backgrounds!
Alrighty! And this kicks off chapter 3! This chapters gonna be a little experimental, so I apologize for any weird bloopers and inconsistencies, Tea and I are switching around the jobs this round. So I'm going to focus on the characters, and Tea is going to try her hand at the backgrounds, starting with the next page.

Also apologies in advance if the update schedule goes wonky, Tea and I are in our senior year of high school and as we near graduation we're going to get increasingly busy!
And here's our third and final guest art, zombie themed piece by Withorwithoutart! Litwaks returns next week!
This week's guest art is by withorwithoutart. You can check out her stuff here:

I reeeeaally like this one!! Sergio Kahn as Garnet is the best thing ever.
Fun fact: I actually forgot yesterday was Monday. Whoops.
This weeks guest art is by pencil_tea, the character colorist for Litwaks. You can check out more of her art here:
End of Chapter Hiatus
Chapter 2 is officially complete! This would be a great time to get caught up before chapter 3 begins February 12th. In the mean time , there will be 3 weeks of guest art! Hope to see you then!
Alrighty, this concludes chapter 2!! We'll have three weeks of guest art updates, then on to chapter 3!
One more page after this and then on to some guest art!!
I think there's only 2 more pages this chapter. Then we'll have some guest art and on to chapter 3!!
Alrighty! This week begins longer pages!! Why? Because I like it better!! Also heads up, there's only a couple more pages this chapter! I can't wait!
HEY! So apparently the last 2 weeks just, didn't happen. No biggie, now we're back and ready to finish up chapter 2! We're so close!

Also!! Bit of a change coming next week!! Nothing bad, just a little surprise I'm excited for!!
A story about space
Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! We're back! At least for now! Finals are coming up so all we can do is hope for regular updates for a few weeks
Sorry for the weird update schedule schools been super busy. It will hopefully get better around december.