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Scarlet Salamander
I hope I'm doing this comic thing right.
Sorry this one is late! Going to try and get Wednesday's on time.
The F.O.U.R. is a comic about spies and childhood, and it's starting it's second chapter! That means we're moving out of the prologue and into the action. Come check it out!
Heyo! The F.O.U.R. just finished it's first chapter! Why not check it out before we dive into chapter 2?
Chapter 2!
Here we go into chapter 2! I'm so excited, because we get to meet a ton of supporting cast this round!
Okay! There you have it! The complete first chapter. I can't wait to start the next one, so many new characters are coming in Chapter 2!
Okay, one more page in chapter 1! Then we're going straight into chapter 2 because I've already taken enough breaks.
Okay, I really hate these huge gaps between pages, but college is kicking my butt! Please bear with me guys and let's see if we can finish this chapter before summer! There's only two more pages!
Guess who's not dead????!!!!!! Okay so, school's been super busy ever since the new semester started, and I was kinda on a kick of drawing other stuff. But we're back now! Let's see how long this will last!
Merry Christmas to Christmas folks!
The F.O.U.R.
A story about two kids working for a secret alliance known as the F.O.U.R.. Come check out the prelude chapter and see the F.O.U.R. agents catch a villain and find out the joys of filing papers.
Hey, sorry this one is so late! Finals threw me off course, so this weeks may be a bit late too!
Hey, sorry about missing last weeks update! Getting ready for finals! I wish I had more to show for it, but this page is just dialogue and overall a little bland. I promise next weeks page will be a bit better.
Sorry this one's a little late! Forgot what day it was!
Last of todays update
This marks the last page of todays special 6 page first day update! Updates from here will be one page every Sunday.
And it begins!
Here we go! The first update of a story I've been working on for years! I'm so excited!
End of Chapter Hiatus
Chapter 2 is officially complete! This would be a great time to get caught up before chapter 3 begins February 12th. In the mean time , there will be 3 weeks of guest art! Hope to see you then!
A story about space
Oh my gosh! These two are killing me they're so cute!!
The story of a girl, a portal gun, a necklace, and a zany space adventure.

It's the story of a 12 year old girl trying to make sense of her life after the corrupt government of her home planet decides to peg her as the #1 most wanted criminal. It's also the story of her brothers journey across the galaxy with some goofy renegades in an attempt to reunite with her despite his sisters fears of getting him hurt. And there's at least 1 dog.

Updates Mondays!