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Writer and web designer. Currently working on my own comic.
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October 27th, 2019
I know this page is a few years old...but are those the silhouette of dragons in the first panel!?
@Dalgeor: You are very welcome! A lot of people don't know about it. XD
@Dalgeor: Aww...we have a misunderstanding. There is a way to turn off the mobile version in the settings. If you go to "Manage Comic" and scroll down to the Settings and Management section there should be a link that says "Smack Jeeves Mobile". There, you should be able to turn it off and those who use their phones to view the comic will see it as those who use computers.
@Dalgeor: Their should be a option that will disable the mobile version of smackjeeves, allowing all mobile users to see the comic as if they were using a PC.
September 22nd, 2019
@Songdog: True, but I didn't realize it on the dA version either! lol Still makes me laugh though. It made my day!
September 21st, 2019
When I first read this page, I didn't realize that they threw one of the kits at the bear!
@Kingfish: He was the first thing I noticed on this page! lol
@YolkenEgg: Her mother from the beginning, mabye?
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OH MY GOOSEMUFFINS! White Tail is now on SJ too..can finally keep up with the updates. I'm pretty sure I missed a few from trying to read it on dA.
Hopefully she's looking for a way in instead of actually leaving.
Giheiz and Plucky! lol Cool you added them into your comic.
Is it weird that I just noticed that Vonneheim's scar looks like smiley face?
But exciting! Can't wait for the next page!
Is that baby Eso, or his father?