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I am your average Megaman nerd. I spend all day thinking about scenarios to put the characters in. I like making sprite comics and writing scripts.
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    Matisse Mozer
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Can't shadow chaos control it away? and eggman does look skinnier...
Nice dollar. You're canadian?
2-d sprites and 2.5-d backgrounds don't match.
i do! can't comment much, in on Drunk Duck. It's THE sprite comic paradise.
ooh! Teh oober foreshadowing!!1!
There's a storyline here? thank capcom. fav'd. long were naruto and beauty standing there?
Great poofy effect.
In my best ricky ricardo voice: Ay ay ay! Dios Mio!
That's whack. Make an RPG or something, don't mess with your pops like that!
nice quick thinking.
What's the condition?! Find out soon!
Heh! Excellent.