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I'm an insane Canadian that loves to draw. I live in an igloo and have a pet polar bear. My vehicle is a moose.
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Ehehehe! Very scary!
Next on Forever: Monster Vs. Mage

- - -

Episode 3 is done and episode 4 will be here next week just as promised!

Please do feel free to check out the Patreon! I will be posting exclusive comic content there for both of my webcomics, but primarily for this comic starting as soon as I can get all my ducks in order. So if you like this comic then you’ll love what the Patreon will have to offer. :)


Yours as always,
I decided to add this page today to get you folks caught up, since this site will function as my main site once I do some coding. It should be up to date if it's going to be the main for the comic.
Parts of this one were colored when I was getting used to digital again. Thus they aren't so great. Other parts I came back and fixed. Episode 2 looks tons better. Stick with it! Episode 2 will be up tomorrow!
He was a monster, she was a mage. Love is never simple. Theirs was a road filled with danger.
Rhetorical questions are wasted on Taylor and the rest of the people on this particular planet. That’s to be expected though-- they live extremely stressful lives.

Next page is really exciting for me and for the story as well. It’s a huge push forward in the plot! This whole scene is, actually! If you’ve been waiting for anything HUGE, this is the scene you’ve been waiting for!
Ahhhh! What a finish! The feels on this page are huge. Oh goodness. And the suspense, and the dread... just wow!
@Seven Rain: The specifics of what he is will be answered in the comic soon, but what I can certainly confirm now is he is definitely not a Pale Walker. :) There are similarities for a reason though.
Page 2 of the chapter has arrived! Taylor looks frustrated.

The next page may be faster than usual as I want to experiment with it a little bit. I’m not certain if what I do will remain as part of the comic due to my ever unpredictable health, but we can only hope since I feel that it will improve the quality of the art.
And so it begins properly!

Coming up on the Patreon I’ll be showing Patrons my art process! For only $1 a month you can see how I make my comic pages! This will be posted tomorrow or Monday and will include my process, paper weight and size used, tools I use and even my exact inking pens! Patrons will be able to ask me any questions they wish to following the post.
It’s a new Friday and a new chapter! Welcome to Chapter 2!

This comic is now also part of a brand new collective called the Melioastral Universe, which can be found at:!

Please check it out and feel free to join with your own comic if you’re a creator! Any and all support for the project would be appreciated, as it is a labor of love done by volunteers for no pay.
Hello my readers! It’s awesome to talk to you all again! This Friday is the only filler Friday before we start Chapter 2 next week!

This week’s lovely art comes to us courtest of @mistree_blip over on Twitter! This person is excellent, worth a follow and certainly worth your time and commissions! I’ll have links to their page and commission information below!


Commission Page: way
The chapter 1 PDF of Failsafe ZERO has been released on Gumroad!

Additional content includes entirely remastered pages and covers, exclusive PDF only art and part 1 of the PDF exclusive sketch comic, Death Signal! The prequel to Failsafe ZERO! Also, a PDF only message from the creator!

OR you could become a $5 patron and get EVERY PDF chapter for FREE as they're released! Plus get your name added to the main website AND all the goodies that the $1 tier gets!
@Seven Rain: Thank you! I'll be getting the next chapter up not this week but the week after. I just need time to organize the PDF of chapter 1. :) Chapter 2 is so awesome. Fighting and funnnn.
This is the final page of Chapter 1! OMG! <3
It has updated 2 days early so that I can prepare the Chapter 1 PDF for sale and for the $5 and up patrons to get for free. :) I’ll be taking one week off to do this and finish preparing parts of Chapter 2! In that time you won’t be left entirely devoid of stuff, though! I have some art to post from another lovely artist, as well as a notification of when the PDF is released!

Thank you so much for reading so far and see you in Chapter 2!
Only one more page after this to the end of chapter 1!

The Patreon though has already started Chapter 2! You can see the first page of Chapter 2 as well for as little as $1 a month!

The main website has also gotten a facelift! Yaaaay!
Happy Saturday, readers!
This week the comic is updating a day late due to commissions I had to get done earlier in the week. I apologize for the lateness! :)

The Patreon, which you can find through various access points on this page, is showing the pencils for PAGE 11 right now! For just $1 a month you can see that page, plus any new pages that come out ahead of the rest of the readers! I’ll also SOON be starting a bi-monthly art raffle JUST FOR PATRONS once I get enough people to make it a fair game!


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You have probably noticed that this page is half the size of previous pages. This is TEMPORARY! It is because I am going through some health issues right now and cannot keep up with full size pages. I am so, so, SO sorry! I will be returning to full size pages as soon as I am feeling better. This may take some time as my health problems are ongoing and require me to build strength over time, but I’ll hurry as much as I can. <3
February 24th, 2017
The page 9 pencils will be up on Patreon tomorrow! I had planned to have them up today but I'm running a bit behind. :'D Cleaning my guinea pig cage comes first. <3 The babies need their mom!

The promotion is still going on! Become my patron of any tier and get a free headshot sketch!

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February 17th, 2017
@Seven Rain: Thank you!

Yeah. It's the sort of thing they wonder if it exists. People have spoken OF them in the past, but they haven't been seen by anyone SANE before.