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The second that they vote off Kim, it's obvious Shelby wins this.

I say this because it's been obvious since day 1 of this comic that it'll be a fan that wins this, and also the author's fan bias, because of not wanting canon characters beating OCs. This might seem like be blahing about it, but if Shelby ain't gone by Final 3, she wins. FANSWINLOL.
my dude made it in....nice.

I can't wait to see how Robert handles things in there.

Hopefully after waiting this long for him to finally show up, it goes well. I'm def. glad. <3

edit: also, I just realized....white's for the entries, and black's for recruits. Nice way to show who's who.
I guess that's when Team Assult goes....
Seems like Team Assult is the 4th match of the tourney.

I can't wait to see how well they do against Team Science (unless the plot sets them to lose).
This is getting interesting....
5 suspects that could be who they're looking for....

Could be anybody, so I think it'll be a good idea to see how round 1 goes.

Also, I can't wait to see when Team Assault shows up, especially when they get their chance to fight.
Since i've been waiting for somebody besides me to update for so long((and I blame mario kart for distracting me)), i'm not sure if we may see another comic posted for this thing.

But if ya wanna join up, then sure, do so. Just make sure to do an intro comic first, then yer all set, k?
Here's a few things about the battle system to know, ok?

Oh, and MR and SMF, you can make the next comics, m'kay? :P
The next comic will say a few things about the game and how it works, but not all of eet.

That'll be covered soon enough. :3
I think he did, but it dissapeared off the face of the internet before I could find it.

So yeah....Unless he brings it, I dunno.
ok then
and that's the end Chuck.

MK, or SMF, ya can make the next comic if ya want. I'm done 'till tomorrow, m'kay? ^_^
here's your sprites ker-hat'd and recolored:

Even gave a few spells for ya, since the hat makes ya look like a mage.

Oh, and i'll get a new comic up ASAP to be able to get us both in the same comic, m'kay?
uh....why not?

Oh, and can be able to find more people to join this please?

If ya can, then thanks.
if ya want, I could recolor the 'power' form for ya, so it looks a little different from the kirby Jester sprites, ok?
can ya at least have the hat on all the Kirby sprites? If so, then thanks.

Oh, and is there a reason the Juster hat is on the kirby in the right half of the sheet?
boss fight!
Seems i've already found the first boss, Chuck.

He does stuff like the Charging Chuck from the SMW game, as well as a few new things, so keep an eye out for that.

Oh, and MonkeyRhino, once ya get your sprites and next comic up, i'll put ya in my next comic, m'kay? :P
ok then, now just post the sprites((in png format preferebly)), and we're gewd.

Oh, and BTW, use the BGs from the Super Mario Brothers SNES game for this ((found on

Thank you, I got nothing. -_-
Here's me showin' the battle system, which is in real time, but ya need HP to stay alive, and MP to use skills and magic, m'kay?

Now, get-a signing up, ok? ^_^
There may be some Karts and stoof in here, but it's mainly a comic about an MMORPG by nintendo, capcom, and sega, in which, if people would like to co-author for it, will be 'playing' the game, ok?

Hope it explains it to ya. Or, I dunno.
these are the PSMs, in which are his special attacks that he uses in the game.
my sprites
yep, these are my sprites, to use only in the comic if ya want meh to appear in your comics for this.
this is just my little intro for the series, and for me.