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Dondongo dislikes smoke.
I WILL make another comic shortly. I promise.
Yay! Endless fish sticks!
Are these all real comics?
Or did you just make them up?
Link- How much?

Whatshername- Bring me 500 bells!

A couple minutes later...

Link- Okay, I got the liberty bell, a cow bell, a belly bell, a-

whatshername- !!!
hehe, woops...
So far, I like how i made the first few comics. I think the views are nice.
Yays! new style!
And yes, i remember that damned fish from smb3. I hated that thing to death when i was a kid.
Due to a lack of sprites, I had to change Bowser's sprite to the GBA version. But this bowsers my favorite (Besides the Paper mario one) So i like it more.
No problem. Any1 else want reviewed?
Its a new reviewer, blobby the blob!
Knaaren requested this review, btw.
eh? where does it say that! dang i mess up with that all the time...
It is good. Not yet perfect, but almost supah sonic!
Oh, didn't notice that..
Ah well, still doesn't mena children have to stay away, howsa little blood gonna hu- OH MY GOD MY ARM! MY INTESTINES! I}MY INNERDS ARE POURING OUT LIKE A BUCKET! OH GO-
Even so, its good :)
I can't keep secrets either...
err...My first comic was about pacman and a polka-dot dude...
I do enjoy this comic, but do leave room for improvement, you can never have a good comic unless you improve...and improve..and improve..and...
In my time its 2500 years per millennium :P
I don't think I can count as high as i need to...
I will review Objection! Authors in need.
In fact, i believe i've read it before. I'll read it again just in case.
edit- man you have a lot of comics! it took me ages to find the right one!
Don't worry, the guy with a hat will learn better english, i promise :)