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I'm a human, I love video games (Mainly RTS), I also enjoy listening to vocaloid music and heavy metal. I tend to be on either my computer reading/playing things, or on my 3DS playing Pokemon ORAS or Pokemon X and Y. I play a lot of Pokemon games...
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    Joshua Riley
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January 9th, 2017
i feel better now
January 6th, 2017
Why? He's not touching her breast or something like that.
June 24th, 2016
...has he been wearing underwear the whole time?
May 30th, 2016
Oh my...
Damn Atty...
panel 1
you'r to your
let's to lets
(not sure about that one really, just pretty sure let is go in here is not a good sentence.)
panel 2
it to it's
we'r to we're
panel 6
soal to soul
Changes (Guess Thomas isn't here...)
panel 3
mutch to much
to to too

panel 5
what to what's
@LunarJasmine: I mean "normal" by the fact the majority of the population is not transgender. And gender dysphoria possibly happens because something fucked up and made your brain recognize itself as female/male while your male/female. My point is that this is not something that brings happiness to people. If Rain had been born just normal Ryan, I'm pretty sure he would have lived a better life. Not as much drama, but still content with life. This "Mental Disorder" has the treatment of use of hormones such as testosterone and the other female one I forgot, and once that's all well and good they then undergo something that hopefully ends the persons gender dysphoria for good, that is the SRS.
Possible controversial question
@LittleLynn84: What do you think gender dysphoria is? Do you think its normal, or do you think it's a mental disorder? (I mean mental disorder as in things like autism, adhd/add, ocd, anxiety etc. Personally, I side with the mental disorder side because I'm pretty damn sure something that makes you feel as if you aren't in the right body to such an extreme you would be willing to kill yourself doesn't deserve the title of "normal".
@LD: I had long feminine hair for a few months. No one bullied me. Oh, and I'm sorry if I worded that wrongly. I meant to say that if you want to pass so badly and you don't succeed the first time you shouldn't cry and need emotional support for it. You should say 'Hey, what gave me away? Oh, it was x!' and then improve on it until you "pass", and no one gives you any odd looks because of what your wearing (Unless you wear things not usually worn everyday, like victorian era clothing.)
Kinda related question followed by an unrelated one.
@LittleLynn84: I always wonder why trans people care about this. If you don't look girly or boyish enough, why would it be sad? It'd just mean you'd failed the first time, but...well, you know what happens to the kind of people who only try once.(Oh, btw I'm a bit confused about the term transgender, as it essentially means gender transition. Which makes me confused when people who have finished SRS still call themselves trans when they are no longer transitioning.)
@pansexualangel: y'all ri-...I see you have fainted in a pool of blood. Time to cut you up and eat you over the course of 6 9 months and eventually get caught by the police~
@Anna Rei: took em 4 years. video game wise it was pretty young.
Jealously, the beginner of wonderful things.
@LittleLynn84: I like Gardevoir because I wanted a Ralts when I saw (aw hell forgot his name) catch a Ralts. Huh, I just realized most off my favorite things come after being jealous of someone else having one. I mean, for fucks sake the entire reason I started playing Pokemon was because one of my friends had the game and I didn't.
Damn Milotic
Wonderful...I now know that we share favorite Pokemon. Specifically Glaceon, Gardevoir (My absolute favorite), Lilligant, Sylveon and kinda Milotic. Only kinda because it was a bitch to get in Pokemon Ruby, what with that nonsense about the basic stage being in a few water squares in a single area and needing a specific nature in order to raise a specific stat using Pokeblocks...ah yes, many tears were shed in the months I spent. And then many more were shed when a 6-7 year old wiped my data.
@LittleLynn84: I like her new hairstyle.
@Elicatroth: If it became a lot more popular in the U.S. and/or Japan then someone would have that idea.
@LittleLynn84: I'll probably be able to afford it then. Thanks for replying by the way!
@LittleLynn84: Have you decided on a price?
@Avaron: Maybe she will. Then we can revel in her doing a Hillary Clinton 180.