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nothing is up. I am dead for now. Sorry guys.
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    I don't know my name.... why would I?
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It seems I no longer have control over my character. I was gonna come back to say you might as well DELETE my character since I have not been on in like a year, but I guess it's just going by its own terms now.
So never mind then.
>surprised at the sudden out burst of noise, realise the arrow, but be careful not to hit your fellow hexxin with it.

>say Woah! Oh shoot kill it before it attracts more monsters to its aid!
>say let's get a move on! Just sitting here is making me want to explore even more!

>say also, why don't we call it a... slurm?

>notch a normal arrow in your bow, just in case it's hostile
*hosen stupid auto correct
Well, looks like we're all set! See ya chosen!
>dip half of your arrows in poison, just in case something breaks out between your fellow hexin.
>say gaming ninja I would love to join your party! Though we may need more people.
Whoops forgot to do >connect
Sack of poison
don't give up just yet, stay determined! also, same goes for my other comic.
Don't give up just yet, stay determined!
two megamen!?!?!
as if one wasn't enough.

there you go.
done. deleted it.
deleting the other one now
I use

this is the comic I was talking about. this is the link. Any questions? NO? good then i'm leaving.
Ta da
okay so this went a little different then I planned. Future attacks won't look like that.
New comic!
This is my new comic! I hope you enjoy it!
Merry Christmas to all those present loving people!