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Hi,I've watched a lot of Anime and my entire bookmark bar is full of comics I'm reading. I really like writing ,drawing, and singing. I'm good at cooking and I have a Tumblr that is full of everything I love.
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I love how the speech bubbles go from really smooth swish motion to jagged when hes annoyed. I also just absolutely love it so far <3
Lasse can handle any stress but his own XD
Damn Daniel,back at it again with the rude ass behavior!
I SEE A RING, DOES THAT MEAN THE MARRIAGE ALREADY HAPPENED?! lol. No but honestly, its great that your surgery went well! hope your having a good holiday season and I'm totally looking forward to January. All in all this is a cuuuute picture, and want to point out that I totally called the Orca stocking as you were drawing it, so fuck yea to me! This is all super great. And your tree is beautiful. <3
I LOVE The Princess Bride. I can barely find any friends who actually like it and watch it as frequently as I do. We are constantly quoting it in my house!
Omg He is so cute!! He needs to laugh more omg. <3<3<3
Precious babs
OMG!! Happy Birthday Lil Bry!!!I hope you get everything you wanted
my instant thought was: Bitch why the hell you wearing dangly earings? If your going in the water your not suppose to do that! So stupid!
well I'm sure he's not so tiny in SOME places. Arco must know that! XD ya know, small things come with big packages. *wink wink*
Hey man you probably swim better than me! As long as you make it that's all that matters!
He looks gorgeous omg I really do wish he was real ><
@Mccull61: I don't know his face just looks more thin, and less round like his normal small babyface. I don't know, maybe its just me *shrugs*
Holy tits. Brynn looks so adult in the third panel!I'm gonna die.
No Brynn its to late to back off now! Eye contact will be your enemy!
I wanna cry, this looks soooo good ! I'm so glad I got to see the start of it and now I see the end. It looks fantastic Maddie.
I have a feeling Brynn'll comment on the piercing if he notices it, which, I mean, who wont? Just like, omg. YES.
Im crying
I missed another stream goddamn it!! ugh. But this is so cute! I don't think Arco is gonna be able to relax with a half naked crouton all up on him.
No, you get outa here Emily. No one wants you hurt! But also no one wants you to try and take Arco, so I mean,neither of these things is good.
I was totally expecting Dan to be in the window o.o
*Gasp!* you said you'd post it tomorrow :O
Oh Arco you're so nice, I think Brynn's going to get sick with how sweet you are with him. Also nice apology, its good to know when you're a dick.Saves time and insults!