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I am a moderate height for my age, with blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I like Pokemon, Mario, Yoshi, and pretty much anything Nintendo. My occupation is, well, a gamer, I guess, since I don't have a job. XD
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The header looks so sad.

Also I figured out what Yaoi means.
Everything makes sense now.
@hippo986: Because Wobbufet
Hey, look, I finally logged on! *sloppy clapping*
I want Umbreon in panel 4 as my wallpaper.
Dusk is blushing. Like, a lot. As in, before he was told Eve liked him.
Prolly a long shot buuuutt...
Nah, not really. Used to support EvexDusk, but if we look at the age comparison...
January 21st, 2016
there goes Frisk being adorable!
You better be telling the truth, Scull, or you're gonna have a BAD TIME.
It's Back!
I'm glad you're back to updating. I would have donated towards the cause, but I don't have any money. XP
Also, I wanna thank everyone who helped Phantom get a new tablet. You can't have a comic without fans, guys!
I like the idea of guest comics! Maybe I'll make one! (Owait, I'm not a guest...)
I love the way you draw humans! Mine look like crap. :/
I don't know why, but reading about Eve always intrigues me...
@ShadowIrorriM: Yeah, that too. But we know that Eve is no small woodland creature! However small and cute she is...
@HYDRO: Who cares about Sora? This is obviously better!
I find the Sora comics intriguing, but not as great as comics like this.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: 1 and a half. If it was 11 and a half, there would be three ones.
@RioBlitzle: Well, if you've read Warriors, a "kit" is a kitten. Of course, young foxes can be called kits or pups.
Wait... Leven and Kevin don't have those red tints in their fur. New the question rises: how did the tints get there?
@Pinkeevee222: I shoulda looked at your comment first. :P I so derp.
Okay... This is proving my theory...
Is that Eevee in panel 5 or 6 a background Eevee or one of you four's Eevees?
@Eevee174: Dawn is a lot younger than them. The two Eevees captured before this were probably Dusk and Sky.
@Guest: I mean, what is alt text, not what is the alt text. How do I see alt text?