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So dusk knows toxic
I descaverd that i need to go do a day of melitery sorvesse and i just waisted 200 + orbes in fe heros and now i fell like dying
But once aguin pinkeevee just makes laugh
Also night and dusk ship it like fedex ship it
Let the Mayhem begin
Oh no its ulysses everybody run for the hills
Fallout fallout fallout fallout fallout fallout fallout fallou
(Sorry im lat on this one ive been playing too much fallout same one kill me )
Holy f@#$
Backstory the movie the game the movie the comic
Also why do this comics always make me happy even when i just want to hang myself
I only fight for my femaly if i was separated from them i would do any thing to see them again
Am i the only one who hears that slasher music from the horror movies
@TehPsychicOne: i dont care i whant same of that corn
Can i get same of that free corn
I almost forgot to read this page
i think that dusk need to go see a doctor becuse samting just brock and im not talking about the 4 wall
I still want that ability
Poor dusk his not going to survive is hi
@Flareon1: sorry didn't read the description
I only have 2 questions
1-what is that pokemon on top of the page next to the umbreon my best guess are a starly or a pidove
2-what is jolteon saying
(Sorry if same one already ask this question sorry)
Thank you @Pinkeevee222 once again you can left my spirit and make me smile
@I love umbreon: all of them are the best
That is the correct answer
We are going to need the dragon balls and a lot of revives