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@TehPsychicOne: i dont care i whant same of that corn
Can i get same of that free corn
I almost forgot to read this page
i think that dusk need to go see a doctor becuse samting just brock and im not talking about the 4 wall
I still want that ability
Poor dusk his not going to survive is hi
@Flareon1: sorry didn't read the description
I only have 2 questions
1-what is that pokemon on top of the page next to the umbreon my best guess are a starly or a pidove
2-what is jolteon saying
(Sorry if same one already ask this question sorry)
Thank you @Pinkeevee222 once again you can left my spirit and make me smile
@I love umbreon: all of them are the best
That is the correct answer
We are going to need the dragon balls and a lot of revives
I wish i had that ability
dusk is having as much of a good time as i been in this entire week
same one shoot me
I think hi is going to snap
There was an explosion but not the one i thought
Hi is about to exploed
galceon is me when i hear about a new pokemon game but exapt of grabing the wall i headbutt it untill it cracks
sorry i havent been reading your comic lattly has i usually do but ive been having my 5 midlive krisays and i havent been in the best of maind sorry and i know that you will probally not read this or know who i am
five bucks says that its vapy
Miko is really lucky