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So every eeve that went to that lab place has glowing eyes
Thank you @Pinkeevee222 for a small peace of happiness in my life
Are we going to get an epic battle next page?
Thank i needed samething to cheerme up all week
That was realy funny
Any one with me?
@EEVEES!!!!!: thank for the correcton
I like the new designs for the angle and the divel and the new mascot is super cute (-100 man points)
This is the only thing that can make me stop feeling like the eevees that came back
The plot thickens
And thank for the comi @Pinkeevee222 your comics help me relive strace after a week of hard work
What was the name of dawns houndoom boyfriend again
And i think that blizz is refuring to the ability to break the 4 wall
I have nothing to add that is just funny
Why can't we see it
I dont think its possible to make it better because its already the best
deam it i lost my ship
I have nothing to say
So dusk knows toxic
I descaverd that i need to go do a day of melitery sorvesse and i just waisted 200 + orbes in fe heros and now i fell like dying
But once aguin pinkeevee just makes laugh
Also night and dusk ship it like fedex ship it
Let the Mayhem begin
Oh no its ulysses everybody run for the hills