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The last time i saw one of these i almost cried
@AgentOfChaos: likewise it the thing i love about this comic series
@AgentOfChaos : i dont think that is correct becuse if you go see the last two pages you can see she doesn't even trade them to other trainer
@AgentOfChaos: oh ok its just that we havent seen oliver that mutch lately and he kind of looks like him
Who is she? (Tick tuck tick tuck)
Wait is that oliver and if so is he talking about eve
ok let me check samething (puts a hand on chest and wait 5 minutes) no pulse ok thank pinkeevee you just killed me with that last panel
Doki is so cute hurts my soul
So the two plots collide
Me and glaceon have way to much in common
3 things
1 i know this is a question to the charactor but this could also came as a question to the reader and i like it
2 is it just that is getting matrix flashbacks
3 if the question can be given to the reader to make them think of thery hopes and dreams ill just say i allready know my anser
i campletely missed his one
Epic fight scene yes im so excited about this
Ok im all caught up on ssec now where did i leave my suicide brick
I think this is going to take a long time to explain
Yes im way too exited for this
Are we doing to get a new comic this week or is it just the announcement this week either way its cool by me
So every group has a different floor to them
So every eeve that went to that lab place has glowing eyes
Thank you @Pinkeevee222 for a small peace of happiness in my life
Are we going to get an epic battle next page?
Thank i needed samething to cheerme up all week