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another week
Another mental break down
Another ssec from pinkeevee
A few happy days until the next one
Am i the only one that whats to hug vay
These comic are probably the only things that actually help me with my constant mental brack down
Can we also see it please
Can we see what he is doing
I need to pull a jontron here
I have several questions
No you can also balme glaceon stupidity eve
You nearly gave me a heart attack
So sora is miku
I dont think that dusk is in the shadows anymore
Hi is right to hate her she is abusing lem and taking him to his braking point
She is abusing him mentally
pinkeevee if you are going to start making corn ...

im going to start reading it like flame
i dont know if pinkeevee alows curse words but i need to sy this harmony i had to go talk to avgn to get this word but your are a %#$%##&%&%&#@&!!#@
I think same one just droped the mic
Ok why does no one informed me of this
We got more backstory yay
I missed one
Am i the only one that thought that lem was acting like eri-chan from my hero academia or was it just me
Also is he referring to harmony
The last time i saw one of these i almost cried