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Hurray! I'm so glad that you didn't just want to stop! And good luck with school! This is amazing <3
I feel bad for Akeru's mom. No one to trust... everyone trying to take the one thing that she has left in her life... :/
Lil' Chain is so cute =3
@Vilani: I had a baby haha <3 I'm excited to be caught up! Can't wait for more! <3
It's been forever since I've commented on your comics Vi! You wouldn't believe the year I've had!

I'm so envious of your dragons <3 Your art, as always, is beautiful!
@gayness :p: Sometimes Vi has troubles. English isn't his first language.
It's okay Vi! You know your real life is always more important. Besides this makes it alllll the more special for us~
I enjoyed this page entirely too much x3
Ahahaha, Tommy has to wear the same clothes as his brother with a different colored scarf |D
I love the expression both Dake and Draco have on their faces |D
@Vilani: Real life is more important than comics, Dude. But we appreciate the effort you're going through to post this for us. Good luck :3
Feel better, Vi!
Homan I love that facial jewelry <3

I'm enjoying the lil' red nose a few pages back 8D
@salvi: Probably not xD It's okay, he doesn't really like sex, remember?

Cuddles are nice <3
@micmacmonroe: Yeah she probably means "threat" but English isn't her first language, so sometimes she gets confused xD It's okay. I mean we understand it and for typoing a few times, it's not terrible.
Tommy looks so small when he's riding Dake xD
zomg |D
does this mean we get to see the dragon war? 8D
All the likes.... all of them.
Well hai
I just found this, and thought your art style was incredibly adorable, and I luled quite a bit at your rock-a-doodle images a few pages back (I watched it a lot as a kid too)

SO NOW... Ima fave this and read it 8D