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July 17th, 2018
“You don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”
I absolutely love this comic and all the comments on every page, such a great fanbase!
This doesn't feel unrealistic. I never met anyone else who was trans, even at my old school of 2000 students, until I went to my new school of only 300. Including myself, there are 5 trans people here and a big crowd of gays. This is in a rather conservative area, too.
I love this comic so much.
Dunno why I decided I needed to shout that lol
You can do it!!!
Actually having a bit of trouble breathing after reading this (not a panic attack just sort of shock and worry I guess). Only mentioning it because it’s a testament to how great of a writer you are and how much of an impact your characters have had.
AW HEYULL NAW (also beautiful backgrounds today and good luck with the move!)
Just looking at that tent makes me feel severely claustrophobic.
Ahh! Returning the day I have my first appointment to start hormones! Double present! Stay safe and take care of yourself!
I’m pretending the bearded band guy is the creepy janitor from the earlier Rain Delay.
This page is absolutely gorgeous. And sad. But focus on the gorgeous.
I finally finished both and just... Thank you so much. ;u;
Okay so this is kind of random and weird and stalkerish but I was reading R.U. Screwed and saw a comment from you and was like "hey look the author of one of my favorite comics commenting on one of my other favorite comics that's neat" and moved on but then a few seconds later (literally) I saw another comment from you on FLUXA so I thought "wow that's two wonder if there are any others" and sure enough all of my top five favorite comics (excluding Always There itself naturally) are in your favorites too and basically I feel like my taste in comics has really been validated.
Sorry I'm tired and I get more weird and ranty and socially awkward than usual when I'm tired. Also you might like Long Exposure on Tapas if you haven't seen it already. Or if you have.
You will shut that shit down!
Thank you, I'm here all week.