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I'm Ribbit. I draw Pokemon and do comedy skits. I also have a game-dev blog.
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about the current status of Grey Burn
Hi reader! About the empty notebook syndrome this comic is going through: it wasn't always like this. There was a time when this comic was something I looked forward to everyday afterschool. As time flew by it slowly became a task to write out and draw out every new page, and also somewhat of a challenge with my bad memory. Now this is more of an unfinished quest I would love to finish. I got an open window opportunity with the new scanner my mom purchased for her job so you can expect some updates in a few days' time. As for No Snow Winter, I will not let what happened to this comic effect my future projects. Bye bye for now.
Surprise! I got my tablet back! I am less than ready to get back on track with this though, so here's a page I waited to upload. TBH I forgot, but it's the benefit of the doubt, right?
I name these posts based on the file names. I'm very creative with naming things but when it comes to this sorta thing just who gives a shit. Some of the pages put on this comic can be found in the extra spoiler of the main post of No Snow Winter. If you don't actively go on Nuzlocke Forums, don't worry what I'm talkin' about.
These are basically sketches on a custom team, a substitute for Team Rocket because I figure I'd try something new. Like REALLY, would YOU like to hear the SAME STORY yet another time about how another Ruby/ Locke broke into Team Rocket's HQ and took down the same leader(s) one handedly again? Yeah, didn't think so. (Emphasis on think, 'cause some people are "nostalgic" about videogame Team Rocket.) This custom team I came up with is just another Secret Society that plots total dictation over a helpless Johto region, it's nothing special really. I mean, you can look at the No Snow Winter comic profile to see what the name of the Team is but it won't really say much until I post the next few parts. Man, I should work on my summaries!
EDIT: I was right. Smackjeeves' website reduced the damdo image to about two-third it's original size. Sure, it's not that large of a difference but then,

It converts it....
to JPEG!
Sorry, I am just so tired. (of SJ's default web limits)
I recently posted this on my Crystal nuzlocke, except that was an file posted from my PC. The source is on Imgur now, so I'm testing it here to see if there is any quality differences. Because I noticed that it completely blurred the filters! This could just be me being a delusional about how big the canvas is....
Brief Explanation On This Comics Scrappy Plot
So it's Saturday, right? Like, literally one day after I was promoted to the ninth grade in Summer School. (The cycle just ended today, same day I finished this short.) I decided that I could make a little short comic to celebrate, but then I thought of Xela. Yeah, the Sandshrew/ Sandslash I nicknamed X-23 ingame. which she is almost never referred as in this Crystal nuzlocke btw, that every character calls Slashman. While I was thinking of her I looked on my calendar. It's one of those planners where on the side of the actual thing is a bar of lines where you can write notes, below that being a graph of months of the year. I look at June and July, they are next to each other. Then I look at the second Friday of June, being this all occurred to me the second Friday of July. I noticed that was my sister's birthday, and I remembered how last minute it was that my mother had to come to my dad's house (which we were visiting) just to bring her the cake and sing her "Happy Birthday!" . I thought long and thought hard about this, and came up with the great idea that is this short comic. Or rather the great idea that is Xela's birthday! Making this simple comparison, now I should probably make Xela more like my sister, aside from her interest in music (as seen promptly in Part IX, comingsoonIpromise..) and being the cute mouse of the team. I know, I know! This is a long post! Why does it take an entire paragraph to explain something as simple as a short comic?? Well if it helps the next page will be much simpler than this comment. TvT
Planning on doing an emerald double with my sister. I'm not really supposed to post this but it's raining and I love rain so I'm confident people will love this when it's a thing! Please do not hurt your eyes trying to read the handwriting, it's just written details on the design above that can clearly be seen.IDK I have this abominal cursive that happens only when I'm on the edge of a cliff, in a hurry. Thoughts below pls thx baaiiiii!
@bluefiredragon: Ooh, well I'm sorry to hear that. And I apologize for not being there to support it while it was still active, but if you'd like me to help you with anything, comic or otherwise, just pm me. Glad to know you are okay! :D
Wow I have not read this in a long time! You should really finish it, this comic's enjoyable and it shouldn't go to waste. I just remembered the promise I made to advertise PaF, forgive me, I didn't get to it soon enough but I will for your sake. We should talk soon!
I am really not sure IF I will get further than expected by the dates scheduled or if I'll get far at all. Just pray for me. I kinda need it now :'|
This is the first page of my Crystal nuzlocke. I feel the need to verbally express that due to the fact that my first impressions are dull as scat. (see?) Anyway, I gave the link in the comic profile but in case you didn't discover this comic through Smack Jeeves' home page or see it in the Forums prior, I give you my love: . Bientot.
I started a new file in my emulated Crystal game. I'll finish my Christmas nuzlocke by New Years.
Thank goodness I'm not the only one who got Blitzle here.
@BowtheSylveon: uuugh I was gonna post it but it was too big and I had to resize it. my bad
I like to draw when I can. I might make a tumblr for all my kinky art purposes. Also, I don't know if my opinion is valid anymore, but can't they just release Sun Moon when they want instead of preordres?
So you have go to all the way back to Dragonsprial Tower? Or you already caught Zekrom