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Blitz Striker
I am a 14 year old Canadian, im called an old soul for knowing problems most might not realise, and i think thats its nice that I have something unique about me...but...i have one massive flaw. My imagination is something i could do without, it tends to make me pace around my room for hour's thinking about endings or parts to storys that may not even be real. This has made me create over 10 ficntional cracters in my mind, each with about 150-450 pages of back story.
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Harmony Looks so confused and its great
because I was away and couldn't say it at the time, ill say it now.
Happy new years everyone!
(also got a new avatar because sprites are fun)
Merry christmas
happy holidays to all!
Hope you all have a lovely holiday~
Where does Vay get all that money, and cant he buy a light for that room or something...Oh wait hes too emo for that.
As much was I would love to know more about Sora, Blizz seems to have captivated my attention at the moment.
So I vote Blizz...
@ClapHappyAlchemist : "**** OFF"
Ideas for Flame: honestly the only thing I can think of after a lot of back and forth debate, Would be to turn him into a sort of sly snake like character, helping this is his connection to Lune, and the whole transparency ability. I would try to capitalize on his prevention's while also an air of mystery to his personal life, and OMG I just turned him into the character of Usui from an anime I like...

Just make him a sly smart character. Oh and i feel the timid nature conflicts with his character.
Frozen might be the very bane of my existence (for various reasons). But this was cute and interesting, love these little flash back comics.
@Zappy the Raichu: A map of Sinnoh to be exact.
So Pokemon go is slowly but surely consuming my life, even when it gives me blisters on my feet, and I can seem to find nothing but Drowzee's.
@Sup: now that you mention it...
@ClapHappyAlchemist : Thats what this reminds me of, the constant rage that comes off edward whenever someone calls him, short, pipsqueak, tiny, little brother, small, ect.
I honestly feel like dusk right now.


@Pinkeevee222: going to take a pot shot in the dark here and say night, just cause why not.

Oh and nice touch with the dunce hat.
I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but I am, because lets face it, the witch had it coming.

Also Amantia is a genus of over 600 deadly mushrooms, that's all i know and google seems to know.
@Nashew: he has a point, giving warning's to people before punishment can give time for adjustment, and if I'm over posting i can easily cut back.
@Pinkeevee222: you use brand name? no wonder they taste awful.
*hands home-made syrup* here I just made a batch recently, haven't tested it yet, but the recipe never seems to fail.
Two weeks to exams:
and one of my teachers, gives me an ISU, that is super long, and i have one week to hand it in finished and on time, else I fail the class.
@Dusk Plush Gang: dont worry about it, its better then most people make it out to be, until exam month, then it feels like you have a dump truck on your back every day.
Well Harmony is a child abuser, yahda yahda yah, back to panicking over an ISU that is due in 4 days that i have no idea what I'm suppose do to, and the teacher doesn't believe in rubric's...I'm boned...