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faves my own webcomic because i love myself lol

Don't expect too much from me this is just something I'm trying out. I'm definitely not very experienced .

also im incredibly awkward and nervous so if you feel like im ignoring u its actually me freaking out :,)

My tumblr : (I complain a lot)
My art blog : (new and lame)
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funfact : all i know how to draw is people :,)
kicks leg out seductively/ pls fave this comic.

that was the end of this chapter, hopefully this comic doesnt end up being too long.

next chapter is in nikolas' pov i think.
i worked on this and it ended up being like half the size tht i normally use so i have to mke it bigger so it might be a little wonky
my idiot children
idk if the play people are that important ??? maybe they will be. but ya heres the main* characters

*subject to change tbh
i didnt take a month to make this lol. it is kind of lazy tho woops
im slow and lazy sorry
so next couple of pages will have my current style of drawing i think. fuck man im exhausted yeeshhhh

tbh i could have done this a LONG TIME AGO BUT...


sorry. ive been playing with stuff in my head regarding this comic, and thinking about changing random shit . ah, well, this is to be expected eh???

thanks to the two people who fave'd this silly comic so far~ vuv)/ i really appreciate it <3 <3 <3
And after a few days of deciding to make a comic and editing characters and bullshitting a story, here's the very beginning of what will be my very first webcomic!!! Something I've wanted to do for several years now!!! I will try to have the next few pages up very soon.

I'll try to fix the site up too, I realize it's sort of ugly. But that'll happen later. I've been working on this page for like seven hours now, its 5 am. I need sleep.