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HI. Imma goomy. *squish*
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    Eric Czaja
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Take all the time you need, We're all looking forward to it!
Winotinger, Chupacabra, Quetzoral, and I know it's greek, but manticore
I want a Raitik, dat little face is absolutely adorable.
Xtreme is adorable. I wanna plush of little Poke-Frieza
Looking foreward to the new style!
That's my Gator! Also, Sky's face in the last panel is great
Thank you for posting the playlist. When I saw Blaze's theme I did an internal "hell yeah". When I first read the gym fight comics I was listening to the volume 3 soundtrack, believe it or not, so this just absolutely made my day
Zorua knows..... Also, has anyone ever thought about "the whole world will listen to you" line? I know it's emphasizing the legandaries's power, but think about what a competitive battler could do to N's team with an excadrill. This was just a thought provoking panel in general, especially with daddy plasma. Does he actually love n at all?
Furnace is right to be fearful, the sleep game is NOT FUN.
@carrotchipper: Don't worry about it! We still love the story and your art, so keep at it and use all the time you need.
I like goldenrod,mint and teal the best.Also, I like the way you mixed the different attributes into each color.