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I'm a fucking tired person on the internet who is currently scrolling through shitty fanfics and tumblr.
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*Gasp* Is that Silver?!?!? Omg he's so fluffeh
The first thing that comes up in my mind when seeing those weird markings on Eve is reincarnation.... Weird...
I see a houndoom's tail in Dawn's panel so it most likely be Scull. They're probably kissing....... And.. Eve sleeps with Blizz!?!? Also the things on Eve's face are glowing.... weird.
I suspect a Jelly Gold is coming...
There are clue words like "night, dusk, and sunset." We already know Dusk, sunset may be connecting to Dawn and Night might be Dusk's clone or Dusk is Night. If you pay attention it said "Night is Dusk," it might be just a coincidence but in the SSEC Tumblr I believed that Flame said something about changing names and I think Dusk changed his name to Night so he can escape with Sora and Sora might be Sky. Also that mysterious eevee was on the Happy Eevee Day Art that you made. It seems to be connecting somehow....
Eve, oliver, And LKD Pls!
Gold, let Crys have Abra, you already have a ralts...
OMA SILVER!! Lol the icy thingy is shinyyy.
Another Tentacool..... Crys at least you don't get Magikarp forever.
@This comment serves no purpose: True....
If that's a family thing does that mean that Norman has it too? Or its just from the mother?
@Pinkeevee222: Yes plz!
I KNEW IT! Ruby had the same weird problem like Gold!
I bet that Gold would say that if you injure a Pokémon a lot it'll die. Gold is now pissed off.
Just realized how angry Ruby is making Mudkip have a crit. Like Gold. Weird.
@Piku Protealer: Jolty? Do you mean Bolt? And the vaporeon's name is Vay. Also don't forget about Flame!
Sora and Dusk changed their names??!?! That explains why a previous comic said you are Sora and I'm Night... Night is the fake name of Dusk and Sky could be the real name of Sora... Hmmm... Its just an idea.
Ok... This is random and all but did you get my eevee submission yet? His name is Silver. HE'S NOT A SHINY OK! His eyes and scarf is just a silver color.