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January 21st, 2008
lol good night and thank you for the update
lol true
wow they are really good.
lol I like it this way. And I see what you mean about Mizu XD
You should just ignore them really there are many of the running around the internet Most of them probably can't even draw so they just go off on the people who can. And if they know about most of the animes and mangas we don't then they are just low lives who live there life on the internet. And many people use the whole ears thing it is old new idk why go off on someone because of what their hobby is. And I completely agree with some of the others too.

No worry I was talk about the kiss anymore. Plus I don't want to see a good comic get removed. Anyhow I am rooting for ya.
Who is he...?

I still think they should have kissed even if it wasn't on the lips XD
aww no kiss XD
Wow this is on touching chapter XD
December 17th, 2007
lol "pervert .... kinky" lol
the ripper
lol you killed the box. Anyhow welcome back
I think he is angry at that fact and depressed
I like the new one
I am also looking forward to it too.
:o He got what was coming for rejecting her and then calling her a stalker.