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Me huh? hm... Well I LOVE boy love! Oh and Antic Cafe!!!! Miku is so hot.*dreamy fangirl sigh* My Favorite yaoi manga is "Golden Cain" and I have every intention of going to Japan when I get enough money. *mumbles* Stupid money. And I am currently in <3 with a boy who doesnt think of me that way. Sigh*
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wow, I just found this comic tonight and I love. Its really pretty. And super smexy.
....I might need that book.
GAsp* really!?! I love cafe alladin. Its on my fave list on onlinecomics
Wow, its so very pretty. And looks really prof. Hehe i always imagined my random marshmellow moments to have marshmellow bunnies though.
Yes, you must go back in! I actually like Daisuke better than jon(dont kill me!). I dont know why but...i do.
lol he's just tossin the books away! Its so funny. And his expression is awsome.
awww, its so cute. But then again all your stuff is!
i know one. Sigh* but he's already taken.
I like Daisuke best. He's that jerk that you love to hate. And great art(as always), for both the page and gallery ^_~
He is so cute. Generally fox guys are my fave. but bunny guys are growing on me!
*gasp* I must have one!
i kinda feel bad for her too. I mean eventually Kei and Yuuki are gunna get together and she really likes him. So he's gunna dump her for Kei and she's gunna have to face the fact that Yuuki didnt really want her. Now I feel bad cause I REALLY want the boy love to prevail....oh wells. Gotta remind myself its not real. Oops, sry I wrote so much.
i know how she feels. My fishie got sick and died recently. It really sucked.
I thought it was funny...maybe it was just me.
February 18th, 2007
LOL thats so friggin funny!! *wipes laughter tears from eyes*
Happy Birthday!!!! Best of wishes and welcome back!
February 3rd, 2007
awww. His eyes make me wanna save him...but then thered be no story cause Id kidnap him.
February 3rd, 2007
I think I might start drooling. So much sexyness
February 3rd, 2007
awwww so sweet...yet so sad.
February 3rd, 2007
*gasp* Oh no! nextbuttonnextbuttonnextbutton!