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I want to be an pokemon trainer but there is no pokemon in REAL LIFE !!!!!! ....I love cartoons and jokes,so i only read funny comics!
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Please pinkeevee222 tell me.. please.. is the eevee have physic powers please
Your drawings r so cool. hey! The eevee at the last panel.. uhm.. it have physic powers, isn't it? It wears glasses ,is it related to sora ? Please tell me!!!!!
Pinkeevee222 did she heard what clef have said or she is crying again. Eve was in a crash ,I have never feel like that,is it really very hurting (i am just kidding)
@Shiro Kami:u should just click on extra then u will found that what she use
Why eve used dig she should say no to them or they have pressure her to do that
Dusk and eve are looking so cute ,Pinkeeevee222, your drawing is sooo beuatiful
hey where the glasses of blizz are gone?
cool! dusk is looking so cool! :0 blizz is looking little funny
daisy become famous now.
why he is taking a bottle in his hand
@Pinkeevee222: why u don't give role to Dawn. she just come sometimes in comic.
hey, the best detective is handsom and smart too.... she know about night and sora! it means the next comic will be of sora!? or not?
@chimy19: ok loser you can be the 2nd, but i will the first!
@MemoryCrushKing: me i see
@Nad235: pink paper or playpoke magazine i think
@Nad235: i think it's a story book
fantastic comic!dusk is a mad so the missingo used Self-Destruct or the missingo came from kanto league so he don't know what is umbreon.
yay! i am first!it's my first time to be the first!