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hi i am a pegasister Otaku (meaning i really loves the anime and FiM ponies a lot) i also like pokemon stuffs my fave animals are cats cats cats cats i really hate living without one i like looking at dogs more than actually having one though because they are stinky since they don't wash themselves i prefer cats due to the fact they clean themselves but i reeeeaaalllyyy love cats way more hehe i draw things but normally cats XD i am bi and i am 14 years old next year i plan to get my own domain name for a site and also a site email
and i love reading X3 i am a very active reader on here it is soooo addicting XD
if it isn't obvious i has ADHD
i MAY it isn't diagnosed or anything i may have aspergers
i am awesome at math
i like care bears but i prefer the old ones X3 kek i haven't watched care bears in forever
i prefer my fathers music over the random shit "kids" listen to now a days
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October 5th, 2019
"Eventually in color" ...... XD 45 weeks later still b&w lol
Like pinkie pies hair lol
Good luck!
This is an amazing comic, and honestly... This is a perfect time to go hiatus lol

This is the typeof thing that could happen at the season end of a show too.

We wanna see more, but its a good ender.

Goodluck in finding housing! See ya
or atlest reposting? I remember there being more than this lol
Welcome back!
I missed this comic. Its been a while since I checked Smackjeeves. Im soo glad to see its back. It looks like youre changing it though... thats fine :3
Im SO glad he made up with his father! And that they are on a good path now...
Relationships are all about communication, whether familial, romantic, or otherwise.
I saw the signs that his father clearly cares and such... ;v; And Im suuuuper glad they were able to have this convo.
Im sort of rereading this now... and I relate to it and it makes WAY more sense now to me than before. Like I dont have this exact same type of thing but like I actually get it now.
wonder what the note says X3
Nika looks kinda like Player Four from Ctrl+Alt+Del XD
Ponyo, known for her cute little song (which i can sing in both Japanese and English) and her love of ham, this little fish girl is adorable. XD (referring to the character in the GIF).
*species of flying deer
sorry uh.... grammar naziness...
was so damn random
A tornado is a windstorm its a big swirling wind

hurricane has rain and stuff its a big ol rainstorm
January 19th, 2016
Just figured I'd show my grammar naziness and say the plural of syllabus is syllabi and no matter what, there should not be an apostrophe after the s. That would be saying that the syllabi own it. You can tell it is syllabi and not, let us say, syllabuses because that is obviously not a word. Just read it! Syllabuses?
I totally got lost and reread whatever i had already read and read the rest.

Totally see a Birthday update kek happy birthday to me I swear I'm not gonna get to sleep till midnight
January 18th, 2016
happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee i am so damn bored now... and hungry

well a post on my birthday how kind of you.

most of my friends are over the interwebs not much to say there.
January 15th, 2016
@princessluna5: must follow in my father's foot steps and become..... A NERD XD .