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Hi, I love reading and playing Pokemon plus I'm Whovian and I also like anime.
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Yes, fly my pretties, fly, fly!
Keep him Luther! Don't let him go back there!
@TerrytheTeryx: I yeah, I'd say Mycaelis is 16 while Leon is 17 or 18, since we don't know exactly how far apart they are.
@TerrytheTeryx: In human years? I would guess anywhere from 16-18 yrs. They still seem pretty young.
Whoa! She can heal!? Awesome! :D
Holy crap we have a name! Hobo has now been named! Amadeus is a pretty cool name too.
That's cruel, how could some trainers care so little about their Pokemon? :(
Ssss, oh. That's gotta hurt.
Holy Magikarps, that's crazy.
Yay! and also, awwww :)
September 21st, 2018
I think the rainbow hair is awesome, but it does look like it would be a pain in the ass
@mcslurpi: Coral died, then Tyrantrum's head was Guillotined.
@MoxMox: I hope not :(
His eyes make him look extra creepy in that last panel.
And his true colors start to show.
Gosh dang it, TELL HIM!!!
That Pumpkab****!
She wouldn't dare blackmail him! ...would she?
@The_mad_one: Oh! I feel dumb, because I didn't even think of that until you said it. Lol