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Hi, I love reading and playing Pokemon plus I'm Whovian and I also like anime.
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What I got from the Unknown: something something something Deep Under? Hmm, deep underground maybe?
So adorable! :3
Ceramic hu? Do I sense a hint of EOS plot?
@Blargargy: So cute, I love it!
Aww, I feel bad for the Chainchomp.
Is that a Grookey? Sweet!
This made me unbelievably happy for some reason. :)
Betrayal!? How dare-! Nope, nope, not worth it. He'll hopefully understand later. But right now he's a jerk
He was never going to bring Odette there. He was too busy destroying her creativity and verbally abusing her.
@WiispNightmare: Jaded world view?
@B: That makes sense. Since they aren't human and live in a dream reality their sense of what's right and wrong might be vastly different.
@Lilaer: Maybe she is actually nice, but ignorant of her children's actions?
Blue is such a sweetheart, but poor Otto. :(
March 29th, 2019
@ParadoxComic: Dang, you keep on trucking on hu?
Oh shoot a duke it's Des's Dad!
Oh! This is the feyn that helped them. Nice, but they're still a little unnerving.
Please tell me she didn't know, I will be so upset if she knew.
@Zimeta08: Yes and no. Should he have realized it? Absolutely, but! He didn't want to think the worst of his friend and coworker. But that's just my opinion.
It seems that the same page has been uploaded twice