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Hi, I love reading and playing Pokemon plus I'm Whovian and I also like anime.
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*Sounds of shattering glass* Oh look, there goes the 4th wall.
Hmm, his wings shrank when he coughed. Are they an extension of their powers and not actual physical wings?
@So, Random Guy: [Insert old meme here]
Oh...well that went well!
Jupiter looks so anguished, I'm guessing that's not just physical pain. :(
Wait, Fairy can did hitting the rock affect her!?
I knew it! Back-stabbing son of a female dog!
@That1Geek: Bad-ass yet creepy with its, presumably, four eyes
December 16th, 2018
@Zimeta08: Well...he has Otto now.
@Amarok: They're still assholes though
D-did Kirby just EAT the all powerful die?
Just throw these two off a cliff and be done with them already. Frikin jerk offs
Okay, how the f**k does the kid getting stabbed prove that he can't take care of him? It wasn't like he handed Andrew a knife and told him to go wild. These people are dense
I love him already, I dub him, Grandpa Karp
Fire-Proof cloak?
How's that Infernape's fire hair not burning the cloak? Cool page though!
Wow, what douche bags. Can they kindly screw off?