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Hi, I love reading and playing Pokemon plus I'm Whovian and I also like anime.
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That Horsea is so hecking adorable, I want to give her a big squishy hug! Though, I'd probably get a watergun to the face for my trouble XD
@dracone: Ah, makes sense, figured I'd mention it since I wasn't sure if it was a strain of rice or colored artificially. Learn something new everyday!
Oh boy!
There's that beautiful serial killer smile we love!
@dracone: What about yellow rice? I've seen that a lot too.
Lol, love it. Also, yay you're alive!
Please don't let anyone be dead, please don't let anyone be dead, please don't let anyone be dead!
The Kids!
The dreaming kids under the dream world must be a "power source" of dream power. That must be why they need the kids.
Only five...
I get a sense of heavy foreshadowing from this. I hope I'm wrong, I love all the guards, I don't want any of them to die! :(
@Hero of Comedy: I think they're based on the same thing from Japanese mythology, but don't quote me on that.
Yep, Daisy has the face of a serial killer! Lol
Aww, I'll miss his fluffiness. But I dig the new design!
That scar... Is that who I think it is?
Woah! Fire Blast and Flamethrower!? That's alot of fire, it looks awesome! I shall dub it Flameblast!
Delphox T-T
Thunder Punch!?
No Pichu T-T
*sigh* He did it...
But damn, that red contrast is gorgeous
Oh no, please don't do what I think you're doing Pikachu
Aww, IJ :(