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Hi, I love reading and playing Pokemon plus I'm Whovian and I also like anime.
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How does Falkner cheat? Is it because of his Pidgeotto he has?
Odette has magic! :O
Whoo! You go Oddette!
Fire...PUNCH!! Whoo!
Ah, threats of violence, a great way to "convince" a child that their kidnapping was a good thing.
What a friendly looking Persian
Mature Otto is a smart Otto
She doesn't look untrustworthy at all! It's just the sunlight making her look demented! yeah...that seems believable right?
Take your time! We're a patient lot, and your personal stuff is more important.
D-does Blazikin have teeth?
A Danger Wolf Noodle!
Banzai Bullet Bill!
What I got from the Unknown: something something something Deep Under? Hmm, deep underground maybe?
So adorable! :3
Ceramic hu? Do I sense a hint of EOS plot?
@Blargargy: So cute, I love it!
Aww, I feel bad for the Chainchomp.
Is that a Grookey? Sweet!