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Hi, I love reading and playing Pokemon plus I'm Whovian and I also like anime.
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Wow! Look at that flamethrower! Epic!
Not IJ! Bowser you monster!
Peach? Or Daisy? It's hard to tell
You know, I kinda have mixed feeling about this. Sure, bad memories are not pleasant experiences. But! Blocking them out doesn't seem right. Despite them being terrible those memories are still apart of him, and memories help you grow as a person. They can help make you who you are. But maybe I'm overthinking it.
Wait a minute...why that sneaky b***! She tricked them into going!
Aww, so sweet and fatherly of Jupiter. :)
How does Falkner cheat? Is it because of his Pidgeotto he has?
Odette has magic! :O
Whoo! You go Oddette!
Fire...PUNCH!! Whoo!
Ah, threats of violence, a great way to "convince" a child that their kidnapping was a good thing.
What a friendly looking Persian
Mature Otto is a smart Otto
She doesn't look untrustworthy at all! It's just the sunlight making her look demented! yeah...that seems believable right?
Take your time! We're a patient lot, and your personal stuff is more important.
D-does Blazikin have teeth?
A Danger Wolf Noodle!
Banzai Bullet Bill!