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I'm a big fan of...everything.
I do comics on various video games, like MegaMan (Super Fighting Robot!), Sonic (coming soon - Fastest Thing Alive), Mario (also coming soon -- Hooked on the Bros.), Zelda (still gotta start it -- Excuse Me, Princess!), Kirby (need to do it -- Right Back At Ya!), and Pokémon (eventually -- Gotta Catch 'em All).
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As an apology for the five-panel comic from last time (one panel less than the typical six), here's a comic that's got twice the normal amount of panels.
And there you go.
MS Paint crashed when I was making this. I expect praise.
Sorry about the delay.
I really couldn't think of what to make.

For this long.

I need to rethink my life.
Mario Maker 2's a day-one purchase for me.
Late comic.
One of the benefits of having virtually no audience is that no-one will yell at you for releasing a comic so goshdarned late that some people won't get to read it until he next day (if it isn't already the next day for them).
That fourth panel is more accurate than you'd expect (except my computer's clock is only offset by an hour, and in the opposite direction).
Trying out a new style.
Like it?
Seems odd that it says that's when this comic was released.
I smell a new emoji.
Does anybody know how to make a forum?
Welcome back, MegaMe.
Yes, I'm still alive.
I couldn't do it back then. So I did something different.
I'll put a link to the video when I upload it.
At this point in the story, there have already been 3 comics in the original series. (I'll upload the next two eventually.)
Late again! Whoops!
Sorry it's so late...
This comic was name after the <strike>in</strike>famous pit from Sonic 2. (Armed with this knowledge, decode the alt text.)
Also, sorry for the two-day delay. My sister and I went to our grandparents'.
Reaction to Possible Future Comments
Yes I've played MegaMan 1, yes I know there are no moles or angry suns, so NO, you can't get mad at me!

Also, here's a contest!
Without typing in all caps, tell me the exact games where the guest star enemies appear! The winner gets a cameo in one of my future strips!