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Sorry to say, but I haven't reached that plateau yet. :(
That's kinda how I approach music, or even genres of films.

It may not be my thing, but there is obviously someone out there who enjoys it, and that is fine by me. There are those who don't understand why I like what I like, and that is their problem.
Looks like two more have gone to the bright-side.
I totally agree with you on the snowshoeing/skiing (of any kind, mind you) thing. Snow is for looking at through the windows of my car or home.
I like that answer.
I am seriously loving this chapter of the comic. Thank you, GreenKrog.
Go to bed, Annie. Your bed, not the couch.
"Nope, I hate your music genre."

Like that she is honest about it.
"Says the closet lesbian." :p
Unfortunately, some if not most of them will now look at Annie differently, for years to come at the very least.
Okay... That happened. O.o
Like the mother of Ms. Brunette. Good person.
Ahhh. Now I understand the brunette's look of shock in the last page, after looking confident and supportive in the page before that.

Though, knowing that, now I'm officially confuzzled. I guess it's just that she now feels out of the loop?
Not sure if I'd be brave enough to try what Annie did.

I too hate my... worse part. If I were to find myself with the woman of my dreams, and she was lesbian, not bi, but still accepted me as a woman, despite the...

I don't think I'd ever be able to get over my fear of rejection by undressing with her until after the corrective surgery.

But then, Vic seemed to think he was ready for it, and clearly he overestimated himself in this case. I think he still loves her and wishes to be with her, but the visual shattered Vic's rose-tinted glasses.

Not sure if they are repairable, but time and your writing will tell. :)

BTW, I normally post as Lex-Kat, but I finally registered.... and some thief stole my username. Grrr.