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Hey! I haven't done a two page spread in a while!
I am honestly surprised that Evil!Kazumi hasn't sliced her tongue in half yet
Yes, Evil!Kazumi, we all know that you hate Akemi for locking you up in a closet. How about we attend some anger management sessions instead of going on murderous rampages?
Evil!Kazumi, please learn how to hold a knife properly before you accidentally chop a finger off, about that wish...
Adorable awkward dorks
This is by far that happiest I've ever drawn Good!Kazumi. Ever. And she is super adorable! I'm sorry that I don't get many chances to draw her like this...
Oblivious Kazumi is so oblivious. Kazumi and Satoru are definitely that couple that everyone around them knew that they liked each other ages before they themselves figured it out XD
Satoru, you dork. You're supposed to give a girl your coat if she's cold, not if you just spilled your drink all over her.
As much as Evil!Kazumi complains about Good!Kazumi's cooking, it could be a lot worse. At least Good!Kazumi isn't setting things on fire anymore.

Actually, this scene makes all of Evil!Kazumi's previous comments a whole lot meaner. Because even though Good!Kazumi is far better at cooking by now, some part of her is still a bit scared that one day it'll go all wrong and she will burn the place down. Knowing this, Evil!Kazumi keeps bringing up that she's bad at cooking just to poke at that insecurity. Because she's terrible like that. (and with that realization, this page suddenly became sadder than I intended it to be. It was supposed to be funny until that happened...)
So, generally when there's a choice between a friend and boyfriend, I feel like everyone automatically assumes that the lover would be easily the more important one. But Satoru and Akemi are actually on pretty equal grounds for how important they are to Kazumi, and I guess I thought showing how sad Kazumi would be without Akemi around would help demonstrate that? idk. It was also a helpful way to casually make up an explanation as to why Akemi is the most intelligent character here by far.
I mentioned that Kazumi falling asleep on top of Akemi multiple times in chapter 17, but now it's officially a reoccurring thing. :)
And now I give you a series of one page mini flashback scenes! It's not like you guys were eager to know what was going to happen next or anything, right? (This here is what's called stalling. But it's cute adorable fluff stalling, so it's okay.)

Anyway! Things I love about this page: EVERYTHING.
I love little Kazumi standing with her hands on her hips acting as a princess in overalls. I love little Akemi's bizarre karate style of sword fighting. And I love the dragon. His name is probably Chad or something. Chad the giant fearsome dragon.
Yeah, so the other reason I did that huge in depth analysis of how expertly Evil!Kazumi manipulated this situation was so that it's obvious that poor Satoru is not in the right state of mind to be dealing with this. He's got no idea what's actually happening, and he's feeling incredibly hurt and betrayed. So you really cannot blame him for anything he says or does right now.

Like, if you take this page out of context, it looks like Akemi's being selfless and noble while Satoru is being bitter and resentful. But that's not fair, cause Akemi knows what's going on while Satoru was totally blindsided by all this. It's not a great moment for Satoru, but it is completely understandable.
Akemi, there are so many things I would like to say to you. Not that you would listen to me.
Remember chapter 16? When Evil!Kazumi accused at Good!Kazumi of not being able to make choices of her own? Yeah, this really shouldn't be that much of a surprise. (although, fun fact, I planned the chapter 16 conversation long before I decided to do this scene. So, I don't know how that worked out so fantastically in my favor, but I'm not complaining.)
Evil!Kazumi, why are you so creepy?? Please stop.
Evil!Kazumi is terrible.

And now for the in depth analysis of how Evil!Kazumi is a master of manipulation, because she's amazingly brilliant and terrible, and I'm actually really impressed.

First she completely failed to mention the whole good and evil selves, which you know, is kinda important to understand the situation. Instead told Satoru that "we're the same." That's not exactly a lie, but it without the good and evil distinction, everything is thrown into a completely different light. Being "the same" implies that they have the same goal and motivations, even though in reality they're complete opposites.

Then she told Satoru that "he was dating Winged Terror." Again, it isn't exactly untrue, but it's not quite true either. The Kazumi who Satoru was taking out to fancy dinners is not the same Kazumi who was blowing up subway stations. But it's a whole lot more personal and terrifying to make Satoru think that he was romantically stargazing alongside a mass murderer.

And we have more misleading word choices. Instead of "I did this while she did that" she used a more interchangeable "One of us did this while the other did that." That wording makes it sound like they were a tag team. Like, "Hey, today I feel like going to the movies with Satoru, do you wanna go destroy up some building? Great. Tomorrow I'll chop some heads off while you take him to the park." She just keeps implying that they're both to blame for Winged Terror's crimes, instead of just one of them.

Also, Evil!Kazumi is constantly switching up which pronouns she's using, which is endlessly confusing and further blurs the line as to who was doing what. But she never uses "I." Everything is either "we" or "she" or "you." Everything is partially or fully Good!Kazumi's fault, and she refuses to place the blame solely on herself.

But in the end, Evil!Kazumi hasn't said anything that was a direct lie. She's been careful not to give Good!Kazumi any room to argue against her statements, and the most Good!Kazumi could protest was "I wasn't seducing him!" But Evil!Kazumi has implied a lot of things that aren't true at all. And then, after she has fully communicated that they are interchangeably both to blame for Winged Terror without directly saying so, that's when she forces Good!Kazumi to back her up and confess Winged Terror's identity. Good!Kazumi can't avoid the question, and she can't lie, so she has to say yes she is Winged Terror. And when Good!Kazumi agrees to that, she is also unintentionally agreeing with everything else that Evil!Kazumi has been implying, regardless of how wrong those implications are.

And then finally, she seals it with a kiss. Of course. As if the poor guy wasn't confused enough before, Evil!Kazumi forcibly shoving her tongue down his throat will most definitely send him reeling.
Evil!Kazumi is terrible.
Evil!Kazumi is terrible.