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I'm not here to make a web comic or anything. Just so I can comment on the one's I like. :)
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Oh man, I love Dake's "EW WTF" look in the last panel.

FUN FACT. I thought his name was Drake until, like, now.
This comic updating always makes my day!

I'm sorry to hear about the print comics not happening! This really is a great comic.
Love Vincent's glare.

...I want to grab his tail. It's so... swishy.
Heee, I love Vincent's expression in the last panel.

And the second panel is adorable. <3
....I'm torn between going "swa-oon" or "(snicker) It looks like a pose from a dance"... Eh, either way, it makes the Yuffie/Vincent fan in me go "gleeee x3"
Eep. So was that a good thing or not (about Chaos coming out)...?

and boo for Vincent not catching Yuffie. D: *le sigh* But I suppose all in due time...
Swa-oon for the last panel. Pretty pretty art too.

*snicker* Red duck is Red's new nickname, kay guys?

(I also object to the innocent minds comment, but I understand the need to keep things PG.)
Pawing Nanaki made me giggle. And oi, Vincent looks SO COOL in the last panel. <333 (and woohoo for the close up in the second panel! As always, your art is awe inspiring.)
Oh boy, what a gorgeous page. 'Specially the last two panels.

WORD TO WHAT NANAKI SAID. <3 Time for Vincent to do what he does best; thinking! (well, among other things, but they don't sound as catchy)

I'm looking forward to Vincent and Yuffie making up! ...hopefully soon?
Galian Beast! Because that guy...demon...needs more love.

Lovely page; Vincent looks so great in the last three panels. (But hey, it's not totally her fault. D: )
My favorite part of this page? Chiro 'bonking' Laurent on the head with his new daggers. Well, that's one use for them. :P

*is beginning to get attached to this comic and the characters x3*
*whimper* Vincent scares me when he's like this.

Well, hopefully he'll calm down before he gets to Yuffie. Or hopefully Nanki will help Tuffie if he jumps her...

(Cool page -- Greatly done expressions on Vincent)
D: Vincent needs a hug. *pokes Yuffie to encourage her*

But augh, this situation sucks. :(

(Unrelated note-- Yuffie's hair looks really cool on this page. =D)
Augh. Well, that didn't work too well. *sighs* Man, Vincent, we need to do something about your self esteem. ;D
Ohhh, spiffy new outfit! *giggling over the fact that she used Ralt's money to buy that*

Poor Chiro - Laurent's calling his clothes 'rags' was kinda of harsh. :(