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@Komics-Maker: Yush!! *fist pump*
@Komics-Maker: Thank you for your lovely comments, Komics-Maker! I'm super happy you liked it!
@Komics-Maker: *nods* Always.
@Komics-Maker: Thank you! Personally, I think the page scanned too sharp on the colors, but it continues the magical effect, so, yay!
@Komics-Maker: Thanks! Color--one of my loves <3
@Komics-Maker: It didn't end up exactly how I wanted it, but it did give a new affect!
@Komics-Maker: I fear my love of Tito from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind shows a lot in it. xD
@Komics-Maker: Thanks for noticing! I researched different native Indian flowers for this short. It was good fun!
@Komics-Maker: Thank you! They were not easy. >.<
@Komics-Maker: Wow! Thank you so much! :D

(Sorry for my severe delay in responding--the notification for your comment went into my spam box!)
Birthday Post!
Happy birthday to me! Enjoy the next page!!
Figured that the first page could go up straight away before Sunday! Thanks, enjoy!
Whoops! So I punched all 19 pages for the next short a month before Gyanda's short would finish. But the backgrounds for the first three pages needed to be finished. All of a sudden, though, I acquired a full time teaching position. o.O Like, totally cool and such, but the webcomic took a back seat. Even though I had all the pages done. Except the first three. xD

Please enjoy! New updates will now be Sunday!
Fin! Gyanda's first Short is done.
Out of the magic, back to black ink!
At this point, I got a little heavy-handed with the background compared to the rest of the comic, but it kinda works.
The place just needed a little pick me up.