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I like Megaman, video games and I make fan comics about Megaman. My favorite robot master is Crash man. Right now, I'll accept authors who have megaman 1-6 sprites and understand the story.
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    Sean Lee
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I will miss Core's antics and the characterizations of the characters a lot but I really enjoyed this great comic you guys made.
As I said, he's just a jerk. Nothing threatening or dangerous. Currently, we need to worry about what Debbie might do. For now. . . Todd is just a distraction.
I do hope the prom king will be Drew because of how least likely he is to be the king
2nd time Mega has been hit
You really need to learn how to do a poker face
@NetBuster: They're not allowed to use chips that only heal
I bet the apocalypse is starting
TBH, I think I'll have a hard time keeping quiet
@GabrielsThoughts: That's Markiplier!
@u_queen: However very fitting of Asgore
Cool! Are we going to see human neons maybe?
You know too much
Well good luck with the rest of his attacks
Soo, a walky talky that connects to civilization
tbh that theory sounds stupid
Gyro doesn't look crazy enough
Starman is the deadpool of battle network
@MegaTuga: Isn't it french?
Seeing how everybody talks like he's the easiest boss makes me feel weak for not beating him under 3 tries
[Spare] or [Fight]