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I read wayyy too many webcomics for my own choice. ;)
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Why must you do this to me?
Quinton is such a cute little baby AWWWW.
That is just a random thought, anyone have head-canons for their MBTI
I think that Sergio is an ISFJ, Nilus is probably an ENTJ, as for Simon, I suppose an even mix of INTP and ENTP.
@Tog He has had eyes like this since the comic started
Simon, poor baby, I cant wait to find out what he is doing!
I get the feeling that he doesn't want to get too close to people outside of the.... Family business. This is probably because of what happened to his mom.
I still absolutely love this art style, it's saddening that its only updated once a week...
He is like me, I just graduated 8th grade so when I start high school I'll be doing 11th grade Algebra II.
Though, Simon should have gotten a high school classes since they count for GPA.
Does he also take 8th grade science? Because I could really see him taking 8th grade science, with his power really branching out in physics and math it wouldn't be weird for him to be curious about the science behind his teleportation abilities. It is really cool too though, I recommend the documentary by Brian Greene, The Quantum Leap.
Awwwwwwiiiieeeeee That face that Simon made in the last panels.
Great comic!