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Sorry about last week. I must've messed up the upload schedule right before I was getting ready for France so they all uploaded in the wrong way. I've fixed it now though so it should be all good!
Was out and about all day, but got a couple pages for ya right here~

Happy Easter y'all~
@zacman: It's gonna be a big grand slam jam
@zacman: Ah no :''D

Usually the comic updates only 2 pages in a week, but I've got some backlog on another site I want to catch it up with. Once that's all done, it'll be a smooth weekly update! Hope you'll enjoy the ride >:D
@zacman: Thanks~
There's plenty more comic to come! >:y
The quality of this comic for the first ten pages is what the rest of the comic further on is comparable to after chapter 5.
Chapters 1-5 however are very old and don't reflect the comic's best looks. It will continue to grow as you read so I hope you stick around and see!! :D