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I am strange female who likes many things so be warned if you take a stroll through my favorites. For I can't say if you will leave with your sanity intact.

My profile pic is of my pet a Rose Haired Tarantula, Sakura.
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Its ok. Having those two finally admit they are falling for each other is ok with me.
I am in Heaven and I need more of those two getting it on. Please show us more and don't skip the good parts for it will kill me.
-falls to the floor- NOOOO
Jump Ace please jump him
@Ralend: A log that wants Willow. hehehe
Make him yours please
-drools- damn it why couldn't we see more. and is Helleyes going to jump Ace finally?
lol he knows black suits him but he won't admit that to his boss and crush
Kiss the man lol
I am more looking forward to when Noah catches Edgar again. hehe he will likely play with Edgar before killing him ;)
the look in Noah's eye is so funny when he is back in serpent form.

And Damn you Edgar your pose to be letting hot Noah have hot sex with you.
the look on Brynn's face is priceless. He is going to be so red when he see how Arco is holding him lol. Prince Arco to save Princess Brynn

-rolls on floor laughing-
Cute to us for it can't get us but ugly and a terror to him lol
What is happening in the background has to be a angered Masaya since you earlier said he was like a papa protecting his cute innocent "daughter" aka Yuuto
I have a feeling Noah will devour Edgar's Virgin body sexually before he lets Edgar go lol
Damn it Arco your hand just need to be a few inches higher and fun could have started
Come on Brynn just kiss Arco and than jump him lol
So what will Happen to cutie Mikhail if he gets caught by Dess and Plague?

Hehehe Plague looks like he wants more than Mikhails help like the younger male withering under him lol
Dang it would have been more funny if russel had ran into her. lol
So chap is really dead for good? :(
Aww no hot cowboy making the sexy goth brat beg for pleasure yet?