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Writer first, artist second. Or third. Maybe fourth... (>_<;) I'm new to this.

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Depending on how my comic Talking Birds goes, I might turn OSL into a comic. If anyone wants to adapt it into a comic themselves, I'm open to discussing it. Message me.

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Man, I hate misunderstandings ._.

I forgot to say this earlier, but I like the new banner.
Haha. He still hasn't learned?
hahahah handjob hahaha
@hinadeshiko Bri is a girl
Ooh, history~
Sorry for your loss.
Nice reaction.
So bittersweet.

I cried at Inside Out too. It was too personal.
Good point Bri.

Again, those easter eggs. Gays chips.
Aw, is he avoiding Lee? :(
Eames takes such good care of Ghost. Man, I need someone like that.

If you ever want Korean more accurate than Google Translate, then you can ask me.
But honestly, I think the accuracy part will only bother someone who speaks that language. and even then, your story's awesomeness will quickly outweigh any disgruntled feelings.

Yaoi taught me why pulling out early is a bad birth control method.
Everyone except for him is taking this being tied thing easier.
The comments are funny. You add in such clever details. There's something on every page.
I like the eye closeup
split personalities xD
They sound like a married couple with kids.
Haha, you're right. Why is he inching around as a gecko searching?
If they don't do it this time, my life is over.