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Missing You
Hey, @Eddurd. Life has been happening (you and Fort Wayne, I'm sure, know all about that!) so I'm just popping back in to see how things are phrogressing. Offering you and your families Christmas cheer and joy, in family-size servings.
Might be ... entertaining. If you want to, though, I suggest you keep in mind someone who'd have your original storyline, and can submit a useful plot-idea in case something goes 'everybody cosplays as Florida oranges' haywire. Y'know, something to jumpstart the arc, or nudge/sledgehammer back toward where the story might going to go, if the audience drops the ball. (Oh, but your loyal, devoted fans would NEVER let that happen!)
Fridge Brilliance (TV Tropes)
I love it! Just because you're an Enchanter doesn't let you ignore logistics; ironically, I'd guess that it's harder to think of, because you DON'T think where would be convenient to get to and be effective without magic.

Pastangum J. "" Felinix
@chic_geek: I don't expect it, c_g, she sounds like a typical teenish girl. "Oh gods I'm so embarrassed, I'm gonna ____". Though you never know, she might curl up in a cocoon next update for all I know. (Nudge nudge.) She's probably got this self-imago of a beautiful butterfly.

I know I like to be entertained by "farce musicals"; I saw Rocky Horror a couple of years ago.

Pastangum J. Felinix (self-*imago*, get it?)
@Cubist: Bringing new meaning to the saying 'raise your spirits', hmmm?
@Marshal Banana: Particularly apropos, since the antagonists do somewhat resemble crocodiles. Here, allow me to get the door for you.
@Echo: And I'm sorry for the confusion if you thought that was meant for you! THAT bit was meant as a joke about 'spikes' and 'protecting the neck'. :) I meant it more about the people that we actually DO need protection from in Real Life, that we're in danger of losing our defenses this weekend, these individuals who've used clever responses and carefully angled words to con and manipulate large numbers of people out of millions of dollars before they can blink an eye. Yes, I'm talking about corporations fighting to revoke Net Neutrality. (did you think I was talking about vampires this time?)

And since I spent so long writing my response, my connection timed out... I'll sum it up by saying that @DWD, Cubist et al., are great small businessmen; that Net Neutrality is on the chopping block, and they'll make a final decision by July 16; and that among the worst victims will be readers of these 'small business ventures', who may not be able to afford the 'new plans' their ISPs might *ahem* promote.
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Well, if that's Hot Topic outfittery, you'd think it'd turn back vampires at least. That's a few suspects crossed (heh) off the list. Anyway, back on topic, I kinda want to call Mr. Ghost-Squirrel 'Sam'. Not sure why, just that beard makes me think his name was Sam. And without nametag nor other identification since his introduction two pages back, I'm just gonna assume no in-story or canon obstacle to it...
@Echo: Is it the ess'es? Poor reptilians jusst sseem to have a pronunciation problem with them. (I kinda think I ssaw a page that went up early without the 'font problem', i.e. the s-extending, and those letter S's were easy to read. I find the quirk to be easy to spot and look past, but YMMV.)
... who said it was a look-alike? :-P

Anyway, there's (so far) three contenders. The Mentos bomb, the plutonium-powered lava lamp, and ... erm, this. It's anybody's guess which is going to be the most trouble.
Welcome Back!!
Hey Ed! Glad to see you existent! And making puns, that's always a benefit. I'd been concerned that you might be (or have been) overwhelmed and burned-out, but believe me, I'm thrilled to see you posting again.

With technology changing everything from how we catch a cab (Uber) to how we speak English, it seems everything is going to be shaken up and tossed on its head. Just like a salad. ;)
Merry Christmas, arms_length! And that felt like a present for Reece. Most mind-control she's had success working in years. (Probably because if it worked more often they wouldn't consider it entertaining, ergo, not worth chronicling.)
@DarkwingDork: well, here's what I know.
Kitsune are Japanese fox-spirits, usually with multiple tails.
Cerberus is a demon-dog with three heads found in Greek/Roman mythology.
Bridget is a transgender character from the Guilty Gear XX fighting game... no connection that I can see. :confused:
In summary: ... shrug. I dunno?

Addendum: Brigid (different spelling) is a goddess in Irish culture... noted for, among other things, poetry, healing and smithing. Still a long stretch to connect ANY of these four with the others, but at least we're talking about the same era as Cerberus and kitsune.

I still dunno.
@Midday Mew: I... *think* I see the 'spot of white' you describe in panel 3. (I was looking for it in panel 2.) None of Khan's paws are in place for that to be a glove; it looks to me like a missed part of shading, as the maroon background.

No AAL logo, though... just a little more of Prismo's entertainment yet to see. Glee!
... interesting. I'm pretty sure the name "Mr. Walla" was used for Prismo earlier, but now it says "Mr. Decatur". Is my memory wrong? Or is this a case of... (I hesitate to say it) Retconjuration?
What would you become?
Another comic artist is running a side-strip in addition to his big canonical storyline. El Goonish Shive (, a comic about teens, transformation, and tribulations, has one of the major characters in a pre-Halloween storyline asking, if you had the magic ability to turn yourself into something for Hallowen, what would it be?

I just saw that in EGS:NP, and thought I'd ask over here. And if anyone wants to start reading EGS, I'm sure Dan would love the extra readership. ;)
Trope Discussion
@Marshal Banana: I've heard it called a Noodle Incident? Oh wait, not something that happens _to_ her, it's something she _has the power_ to do. Yeah, probably more like Informed Ability then. Never Live It Down would be for something she'd never want to do again (which doesn't apply as it was suggested as /preferable/ to firebombing).

And it was mentioned in this very strip, by the way. Hover-text.
Eh... firebomb, Transform to Slug... close enough. Less damage to the house, so less violations... and less display of her 'not to be revealed' powers to unfriendly faces. She did say that before actually _meeting_ mr. Prismo.
The greatest vanishing trick EVER.

Too bad he could only do it once. :'(
Gotta admit, I love Prismo already! And not merely because he's a fine performer; that was shown 'yesterday'. He's adept at entertaining, but what I love is his sense of wit and wordplay. I also love stories about Angie, 'cause the everyday character has so much possibility about her.

Trivia: Prismo has got to take his stage name from the obvious 'prism'.... which has little to do with light refraction, but as I just discovered, actually refers to the Greek word for things being cut or sawn! ^O.O^