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I'm always up to help comic writers with translations and grammar. If you think your English is hurting the popularity of your comic, feel free to send me a PM and I'll see if I can help you out.


Nobody ever said it'd be easy.
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Gold has a brain?
@AzpbEagleHunter: Resume in english is usually only used to refer to like, a personal profile though? Summary is better, I think.
Imo you should change the outline to the red parts of his head to be dark red instead of green, same goes for the blue of his sleeve, the dark skin color outline goes too far up. The skin colored outline should only go up 1 pixel from the start of the sleeve.

Not sure if you want criticism, but fuck if i won't give it to you i guess
well this is, interesting, i guess. I haven't got a damn clue what's happening, but the drawings are cute, and some of the philosophical pages like Space are cool.
Did they nerf Norman in OR/AS? I destroyed him without even having a fighting type.
@Silver Cookie: I actually am quite fond of FireAlpaca. It's a great beginner's tool; it enables the beginner, but probably hampers the expert, so once you start to get really good I'd upgrade to manga studio or photoshop or something like Miizj said
Where's today's update? D:
I wish Briney was my grandfather
In frame 2, I can't really tell what the first letter in the third word is, but is it "Jealousness" or "Zealousness"? If its Zealousness it's fine, but if its "Jealousness" it should be "Jealousy" (After double checking I'm 90% sure you wrote Jealousness so it should be Jealousy)
That candle holder wouldn't actually stop gabby from reaching her hand further to grab the lamp.
Oh SHIT my question got FOUR posts! Hella tight.
Holy new banner batman!

Also, the 3rd panel would be better worded as "Oh, that's right, I brought your heat badge"
Panel 3 should be "Do you know how long I've been looking for you?!" (Remove the first "For", it's unnecessary)

Panel 4 feels awkward. A smoother sentence would be "I thought you were dead!" But the way you worded it makes it seem like he wasn't sure. So maybe, "I wasn't sure if you were alive!" instead?

Anyways, great job on the comic, I'm really enjoying it!
I wonder why this is considered mature content? You really only need to use that if there's consistent nudity.

Anyways, it's a little bit hard to understand, because your English isn't great, but that's expected since it isn't your primary language. I suggest writing the comic in your native language (Spanish?) and in English and having someone translate for you. I know basic Spanish, and if no one else will, I could probably help you with your grammar.
I just want to say that the scheduled updates are always on time and it's really wonderful. Very few comics keep up with their "schedule", and it's really nice knowing that I'll be able to see this one every monday and thursday morning.
@Aragorn199: so then why did she put his head over her knees? Why not sit him up against a wall or something
How did gold end up on her lap, after falling through the ceiling and landing on the floor? lmao
@spikespoke: I hope Mighty DIES

because i hate myself
@aqua the hedgie:
@Derp: that was a roller coaster of emotions