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Thank you both so much for making this awesome comic! I have been following it for a while and I have really enjoyed the nice little slice of life adventure stuff. I'm a little sad that it is ending and so I will definitely have to check out your other works. Honestly I really love finding comics like this where there doesn't have to be some huge dramatic plot and instead I can just enjoy following the lives of some awesome characters. Hope to keep seeing works by both of you. You both rock!
I did not expect this turn of events, but I am definitely amused and really want to know what he is talking about
Nice speech Caldwell, I think it is inspiring you more than your fan though, can't wait to see where this is heading from here
That tail in the last panel, could Sophia be coming to help?
So if that is the power of setting 3, how powerful is setting 4? And this is just the first one they made. I wonder how powerful his weapons will get.
Dang Caldwell likes pulling some crazy stunts
I just want to see the expressions of everyone who mocked Caldwell's battle alchemy once they see him use this
kick its butt caldwell!
Awwww poor Fia
Oh hwoof! I was worried that another amazing comic was going to just stop being updated. Love the story and super excited to keep reading.
woohoo!!! i have missed this comic