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Bloody Murder
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As you can tell I have strayed from upload days.. But I am glad to say that I am picking up the pace again.

This page was a lot of fun to draw!
@Targo: Nah, anyone can howl! You really should experience night swims. They are refreshing!
@Targo: Nah, I think it's perfectly normal. Don't worry about it much. Probably our dna
@Targo: Very true!
@Targo: Thank you!
@KendraSarah: Thank you. I feel much better!
@Targo: Yeah, especially now during summer I can proudly say I produce oceans with my sweat.. Like you said, sometimes just laying there makes you sweat.
Making the pages will take a little while. My hand keeps hurting so I'm taking breaks in-between. ^-^''
Hello, hello, hello!

I'm sorry I've been gone so long.. I haven't been home a lot and therefore haven't been able to post or draw for that matter.
I have three more pages for you guys that I just need to finish colouring! Expect them sometime during this week.

On another note, here's 10 things about me! They're nothing really exciting but I hope this let's you feel closer to me. I'd love to hear things about all of you. Feel free to share as many as you like!
Hello, hello!

We're back! I'm sorry for last week. My boyfriend got sick so I was taking care of him beside the fact I returned home very late on sunday.. Such a hectic summer so far.
Hello everyone!
Since last weeks update was missing here is 4 pages!

With that said. Our lovely co-author, V, is having a busy month! As expected it's stressful dealing with studies.
So wish her a whole ton of luck and good vibes!

We're all rooting for you!!
Here's a little extra something.

After a long time I have finally found some inspiration to practice with our bby boi <3
Was supposed to just be a small simple sketch but I went a bit overboard ^-^'

((added some censorship in the crotch part as you can tell ~(・ε・`*) … ))
We're back!!

I'm sorry for the lack of pages last week. I got carried away in getting too relaxed and I couldn't bring myself to do anything but mope around.

But we're officially back on track!
@Targo: Thank you!

Ofcourse! Crow is an especially good mob boss ;)
Hello everyone!

Todays update is only one page and some Mafia Au. The reason is that I'm leaving on a trip!

V graciously uploaded for us. What a sweetheart!

I'll be gone on the trip to Amsterdam starting tomorrow and untill saturday. I have no means to bring my drawing gear so there will be no update next week.

Next will be on the 15th of May!
@Targo: I'll catch you if it comes to it.

It makes me feel connected to people :)
@Targo: Thank you so much! Awe, I'm so glad I have you at the edge of your seat, just don't fall off.

Having an interaction like this in the comments is a very rewarding moment.
@it's all good: Aye, brosive, I listen. I got this.
@KendraSarah: I agree, I need them to continue their little shenanigans.
@Crazy kinky guy: Where there's a will, there's a way! I could speculate that the cage has been waiting for him a long time.