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Bloody Murder
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Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for no update last week. I got sick with a high fever and decided to rest.
Sorry for only one page everyone, I had an art block.

3 pages next monday!
Sorry everyone for the delay.

I didn't come home till yesterday 10pm so I was too tired to exist.

But here are the two pages!
@Targo: It means a lot to me to hear this. I know that taking care of yourself is important and I'll be sure to work on that. Thank you :)
Hello everyone!

As you can already tell I have to apologize for last weeks missing update..
I've been really down in the dumps and my mindset was really bad. I had no motivation and felt tired all the time. I didn't want to force myself to draw just because I had to.

There really was no reason for me to be so depressed but somehow I couldn't get out of my bad state. I kept having small anxiety attacks and kept getting mad all the time. I had these really horrid tantrums with me being unreasonable. I regret my behaviour, past is the past though.
I feel a lot better now. I think in my head something clicked and I picked myself back up. I'm okay now! :)

Again, I'm really sorry about the messy updates. It should all be back to normal.
Thank you for being so patient with me.
Sorry everyone for the one page again!

Just fixed my tablet today so next week there will be two pages!
Happy New Year in advance everyone!

I'd be posting this on the actual new years but I have a small party organized.
Hope everyone has a lot of good fortune for the next year and a huge amount of fun!

I'll see you again on the 14th January with usual updates!
What would you want from the following:

-things you didn't know about he author
-meet the artist2
-q&a with our little cuties
Happy holidays everyone!

Have a drink or two with family, friends and/or partner. Have a great time, eat waaay too much and feel fantastic about it!

See you next week!
I mean, I'd sell my soul to touch his cute fins (ㆆᴗㆆ)
I'm sorry for the delay, I was away from home a day longer than expected.
Our new journey begins!
This page was coloured by one of my good friends.
@Trevy_16: I did the same thing :3 FINALLY OUR BBY BOYS
Untill monday there will be a Q&A. Ask me anything you want. Either me or our lovely Nemo and friends.

I'll answer as fast as possible!
We've ended this chapter! On monday we'll embark on a new chapters journey!
I'm glad to say that I'm back, baby!

I feel a lot better after a week of getting my shit together.
I just can't stop. I made this a little while ago and it's so beautiful. Crow is such a charming man and Nem is so beautiful ;0;