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@pat15: I doubt it, just due to how Sonic is acting is normal, and not... Ashura.
also, 'their allied rouges' in panel 3... most common mistake people make, not even on purpose due to typo. I believe you mean to have it say rogues.
This should be... interesting to say the least.
Nah, Thrack, even Met Hat material would get up and leave by this point.

And yea... that was a great show.
No... Seto still triumphs. Vegeta actually gets his ego deflated on numerous occasions and admits defeat or that someone's better. Kaiba... despite defeat, he keeps up with "I'm the best".
Two things.

First, it should be "Sonic... what are you doing?" with the ? instead of the .


@Darkjosh: BLASPHEMY! No one's ego is bigger than Seto Kaiba's!
Huh, didn't know they had Ride Armors (course, neither did Zero or he'd probably not have been caught by surprise).
And now I'm really confused. Everyone in this strip is acting sort of out of character.
You know... for some reason Quint always reminded me of a Rock/Blues mix.
Anyone else note the look of sheer horror on Link's face?
This should be interesting.
Hey now, if you found a big portal thing like that, what would be the first thing YOU would do? Don't call Sonic stupid for throwing a rock at it first.
TES: Not meant for entire consumption in one sitting.

Edit: Did anyone else notice that Mega's standing on the railing?
Speaking of Sonic Racing games... I never understood them. Wouldn't Sonic be faster on foot than in any vehicle?
Pfft, you and your water temples. What about the final dungeon and the original Shadow of Adventures of Link?
I'm kinda curious now if the Wily we meet in Legends isn't really some form of robot that is really this Wily. Of course, he'd have had to have a great personality change over the millenniums of 'life' he had...

Meh, either way, it could also be that Legends is in it's own timeline altogether.
... is Tails' eyes looking opposite ways in the first panel.
Well, ., if you look, you can see she opened the window in panel 4.
So, is it just me or does the Mother Elf's face bear resemblance to X?

It's an energy being... physical barriers can go *bleep* themselves.