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kamusta ka?
the page isn't showing up for me.
i almost felt bad for reggie
*reggie emote*
August 16th, 2017
i cant see the page
poor pichu(i forgot his name)cant speak his mind.
the Quagsire looks terrifying on the first
panel xD
this video is the perfect explanation for the time i needed to make the page
never Neon, never. she makes the worst ones
pls do not go to 'im a human' next person

also eve-dropping sligoo(that's a sligoo right?)
@wifijoe there's more than just a shading dif
rude! crash someone who's not moving and tell them to watch where their going
2 seconds later...

rip picture/painting
iten's eyes
@SkyHooves @Stibikeybye
the eyes were already mentioned in other pages
is the comic dead?
apparently blood can magically disappear from the jaws of a mon in this world
O: oh noes
aww... D: iten didn't use the other mon as a shield
i just started waching hunterxhunter myself and no i dont know why they used death metal, it doesn't fit with the anime in any way XD
liar... you told us you would update the 1st of march, its 29 febuary.

but yay! update!
@Malc Modnar: i had the same reaction for the car XD
January 30th, 2016
i cant see the page