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I'm just an average high school student with too much time on his hands.

Lately, I have been too pre-occupied to work on my comic, or even the new one I'm thinking of releasing. My music type would have to be Industrial-rock: NIИ, Gary Numan, Pigface, Ministry, bands like that. If you're offended by me saying "NIИ" is industrial, you can go fuck yourself. Also: David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, and local indie bands.

"We're in the building where they make us grow
And I'm frightened by the liquid engineers,
Like you.

Picture this if they could make they change
I'd love to pull the wires from the wall.
Did you?" ~Metal, by Gary Numan
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it explains so much...
Still digging the scene, yo. Pretty funny.
-gasp!- Plot twist...
Just read your archive, I loved it. XD Hope to see more in the future.
Hmm... Muy omoshiroi... Fav'd. ^_^; Because your webcomic makes me laugh.
I knew it! XD
I want to marry that duck.
I have no idea. o_o
O___O! Emi stretched the comment area! (Sorry, Meme. =/ I gotta delete it cause it stretches the comment area alot. So you can repost this, just no long stretches, kay? That'd be helpful. ^^; Sorry again.)
Everytime someone like that upsets Kor, they always seem to dissappear. o_O;;
wtfbbqm8? o_O
I have no idea which one is good or if both of them are bad. XD And that guy? Just someone I randomly found on google, so I use him for "Time panels" now.
That's Sephiroth, main villain of FF7. XD He's obsessed over his mom and crap, which is why I put that part in there.
A 5? o-O; I was expecting a much lower score for this one, but okay, a 5 works, too.
Aw, cute monkey!
This was one of my very first ones. I decided to get the torture over with, and get it put up so I wouldn't hear about it later.
I was short on ideas, and I got this idea when Snitch one day said "Dude, we should go to school in cosplay." I stared at him like he was crazy, then told him I don't do cosplay, or sailor-moon-short mini-skirts. And... The rest is history. o__o New wireless mobile connect plan.
You're grabbing your head because a wheel is growing out of the back of it. o.o The title is in 1337. This is TA whenever we get a glitch or bug. >_>
The image was something that came up on google when I looked up "Explosion". o_o And that's a line over your eyes.
8D WTFBBQM8! It confuses me so much, I give it a rockin' 5.